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How to Become Topper by Simply Increasing Focus, Concentration and Memory power

To move forward in student life, it requires not only hard work but also hard work in the right direction Often we see that many people do not reach their goal even after having knowledge and experience of the same level While they worked as hard as a successful person So today we will discuss about the reason why he could not succeed. Friends, concentration is very important to succeed in life. No matter how many different methods you adopt, unless it is in your character, you will be left behind by people with a lot of problems even after having very little trouble. And the reason is that we think more things in our own lives And spend their minds in stupid things. We would like to explain by an example The way your computer is not able to run properly due to a lot of data and applications And we have to organize his things And have to remove waste Likewise we should keep our minds Because these unnecessary things such as something you said in this, someone ignores you, your boss did

Best 5 Smart Study Skills and Methods for Student Success

First of all, if you are a student and thinking about failure and criticize your self so stop thing. because the student life is just a starting of understanding the word. if you fail you learn something and if you achieve you also learn something. now we discuss Best 5 smart study skills & methods for student success. Divide Your Work - First of all when you target to complete any topic just divide this in small Chunks. Take 5 - 10-minute break after the completion of a divided target. Used Study area only for Study - Every person who prepares for an exam is a study area but the important thing is used your study area only for study because every time when you come in your study area you automatic attract toward study related thing.  some people play the game, watching Tv, and do another thing in study area these people not focus on study in the study area. Highlight Thing - When you study any topic there is always a possibility that an important thing come. you can save tim

The Best 5 ways to concentrate on study continuously for long hours

every time when you go to the study you facing a problem related to limit means after some study time you need some rest or you attention for the study is destroyed, its a common problem in the human beings, now question is ? how its problem eliminated, first of all, its not one day's process, you need to be consistent in process which I discuss below.     how to concentrate on study continuously for long hours   Brain Trains - First of all train your brain by giving an extra 10 min. every time when you lifting from your study bench try to compromise your brain just saying hey just keep calm its not right time of quiet study it's after 10 min,  and when 10 minutes go try to push for another 10 min, so after some days you realize your sitting capacity Is increase and your limit is gone.  Stop Laziness -  you should end the laziness of your Brain and Body. Never transfer today work to tomorrow, there is always one similarity in between Succesful and fail person which is dreams, b

Top 5 Quality You Should Follow to become a topper

There is always some different quality in topper as compare to the normal student. which make a topper. these are not any super power or big things its simply some life improving thing that anyone Gain by controlling yourself, Quality of Topper You Should Follow 1.Self MOtivation -  Be self-motivated every time, if you think you can do this, always stand on this, sometimes people say there is big competition on these days, this competition is impossible to clear, this exam is only for extraordinary student, ignore these all this, because what people say is not matter your attitude matter so never died your attitude, be crazy in doing things it makes people crazy. 2. Why- this is not a single word it's a full journey from your starting to your goal achievement. why are you prepare for this exam or other things, every person know his passion or decided passion but if you dont know why it necessary to complete this you never run a long race and never prepare properly and destination a

Top 9 things topper done during study brake

When you think study brack only one thing strike in your mind which is quite the study related thing and its time for chill.but this make different between topper and normal student, topper always chose study related activity during the break. which  give the boost to his mind every one wants brake after study, this is natural things but some people do some unique thing which produced topper and the remaining person do the common thing which makes a common student, today I talk about all topper strategy which topper did during a study break. Things topper done during study brake 1. Clean study Desk - its one of the topper habit they clear his study desk when try to go into the break, this makes you sincere to the study and also good for your nature 2. interlinking - interlinking means try to link difficult formula or theorem with inside or outside study thing for easy remembering page summary -  prepare a one-page summary which you learn, and used its page to solving everything t

Top 6 Book Student Should Be Read in Free time

I Know in student life You already reading lots of books and the reading outside syllabus is not so much good idea in competition point of view but the thing called learn human and learn how society work is very important for a complete student. Because when a youngster star knowing society and mechanism of human they are more than a topper. also, book warm never changes humanity they are creative people who read, learn and then implement things with own idea.  Book Student Should Be Read in Free time 1. What got you here, Won't get you there by  Marshall Goldsmith The meaning of this book simply says that when you achieve your goal you did something, but if you again set a big goal you do not achieve this by the same thing which you have done in achieving the first goal, you need some up gradation. 2. As a Man Thinketh by  James Allen This book contains the short quote which derived from some well-known books. you can read this book Properly in around 5- 6 Hours. 3.Thinking Fast a

How to study with concentration for exams

Improve Concentration and Focus On Study During Exam Time The exam time The biggest challenge is to focus on the study because all the days have gone by doing Some important and unimportant work. Now Assume your Full days Gone And you go for sleep. But Before going to sweet Dreams, Analysis the Thing which you did in whole days and What Your Brain Store, If You Overview the whole day you Find Some extra (Ex - Watch Going around yourself ) thing which your brain store and This things Affect your Road to Goal. If your analysis loyalty finds that your focus is not Proper. maximum of you learn is without any focusing. Now the question is Why We do not focus properly and the answer is your multy minded focus, sometimes you know some extra things then not required, this extra thing always disturbed your focus. Suppose a football match is on same day of your exam so you start thinking about that, you thing what going in news,  politics, music and social media, these all are give nothing contr