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500 Words Short Essay on Road Safety For School Student of Various Classes

Essay on Road Safety🚶🚗⛟⛙🚷 In today's modern era, due to the lack of proper information about driving and not knowing the various rules of traffic properly, people walking on the streets became very insecure. If we talk about India, then the situation is horror here, About one and a half lakh people lose life in a road accident, this is a large loss to human life. In addition to this, many were injured in the accident. even injured person's family also faces too many road safety is really a matter of concern. In the last 10 years, the situation has worsened as the road accident has registered an increase of almost 50 percent in the last decade if we compare the road accidents happening in India with the data of foreign country, the position of India is very bad. You can also guess from here the fact that less than 2% of the world's vehicle is in India while more than 10% world accident are in India. If we talk about road safety then it is mainly

Road Safety Rules - Should Be Followed By Every Child, Drivers and Pedestrians

Road safety rules 🚥♿ To be safe on the road, all the rules of road safety should be known, for this, we have to understand all the rules of a safe driving which is very important, these rules of being safe on the road are as follows. 🚓The first and easiest rule of road safety is to maintain a certain distance from your forwarding vehicle so that you can get a chance to cope with the sudden stoppage of the moving vehicle and also case of  accident,  on the road mainly 2 seconds rule should be adopted which means that, as much as your vehicle determines the distance in 2 seconds, keep the distance from the vehicle, but in some condition such as the weather is bad and the correct condition of the road It is also right to increase this distance. Especially during the night, during the snow and rainy season. 🚕The second rule while driving the vehicle in terms of road safety is that whenever you stop your vehicle from behind another vehicle, you should see the road under the previ

Important Road Safety Tips For Safe Driving [ Everyone Should Know ]

Road Safety Tips 📙 Road Safety means that to safely reach the destination, without any injury or penalty and some other problem, to achieve this, we have to adhere to some of the road safety tips which are as follows. 🔧It has been seen that a lot of people follow the traffic signs and signs only when there is a camera or a person of the traffic police standing on a road, it is a very wrong culture and signs of an irresponsible person because it all about our safety not to tease us. 🔧When turning your vehicle, always use appropriate signals, so that the person coming behind you can control their vehicle according to the signal. 🔧after drinking alcohol People get filled with enthusiasm, and drive very fast, do not do this, because this drug is not only harmful to your health but it can prove to be fatal for the vehicle coming from the front. Also, the vehicle should not be run when feeling tired. 🔧It is often seen to leave your children and pets alone in the vehicle and