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HOW too Much Sleep Case Headache and other health Effects on Body

For a healthy life, proper sleep balance is necessary because it relaxes your body and decreases the stress of today very busy lifestyle. but too much sleep and less sleep, not a signal of balance lifestyle,

we know lots of people who sleep less than body need due to there busy, and unscheduled timetable, this type of people always in the stress and also behavior is rude.

but did you know a community of people also present which loves too much sleep and they think more sleeping is good for health but in actual sleep more than body need also give side effect to your health. so today I discuss some common health-related problem which comes due to too much sleep. so let's discuss.

Too much sleep effects

Pain in the body Due to too much sleep -
after researching a group of people who sleep more than average a result come which say more sleeping give back pain. joint pain, pain in legs.

which is not a good deal, also people sleep more is lazier than the average person.

if you sleep more and your mattress is hard this combination give more bad result and you became a bad behavior person,

so avoid this. and if you think this is a myth about the mattress, it scientifically proves my friend.

heart-related problem due to too much sleep -

the person sleeps more and less both cases give heart-related problem,

research says person sleep 10 hour is the double chance of heart attack than an average sleeping person.

Mind laziness -

more sleeping directly affect your laziness, you become slower and slower day by day when sleep more,

also, the learning and remembering capacity is decreased. so you take much time in the simple discussion.

Life decrease -

this is a well prove fact that people who too much sleep than an average person in life, live less than the average age of living,

the direct reason is people who sleep more attract weight gain, diabetes, and another problem which directly affect your health,

and when your health is not good, you understand what I want to say.

so sleep only which body need, generally, 8-hour sleep is good for relaxing your body, walk in the morning eat proper food, do some exercise. and you become a well defined well shape person.

How to Natural Loss weight ( Tips For Women )

Top 5 healthy and slim body natural weight loss tips for the woman -

proper well-maintained body is not always good for appearance perspective but also give a healthy life. a well maintains body weight always give freedom from varies today I discuss 5 natural weight loss tips to maintain your weight because maintaining weight is difficult, not impossible.

To follow the Below discuss natural weight loss tips you must be dedicated. a person who not dedicated in his goal is always to make a distance from its goal. also, the process takes time so be consistent for some time if you really want natural weight loss. lets begin

The first one is Timing of eating.

if you think the timing of your breakfast lunch, dinner is not mattered you are differentially not in the right path.

a well-researched paper said a minimum 10 hours gape is ideal for your first and last eat.

if you are a person with high delay diet and not control of your diet,

make sure to eat only when your body really needs and always eat healthy food.

Avoiding some product -

if you really need a healthy body and lifestyle you need to sacrifice the product like cake, pastry, ice cream, cold drink, burger, noodles, and some other fried or restaurant product.

because they contain lots of calories and this product is not good for your health.

Free from depression -

this is a common type of problem in today lifestyle, we think more than required for some common

issue. this gives very bad effect to your health and your mind power, and there is a high chance that you go to a bad lifestyle,

to void this do proper meditation, yoga, plantation etc. which make you a well-defined person.

Buy good kitchen product -

the kitchen is very important to every woman, so make sure to maintain proper smartness in buying of kitchen product because if you do not think many in buying kitchen product,

there is a high chance that your kitchen is filled with product junk food, proceed food, and procure food,

a well-maintained kitchen is a key to you and your family health, so do proper research.

Exercise and balanced food -

these are also some important point of maintaining the healthy lifestyle.

the exercise gives the shape to your body and peace and satisfaction to your mind,

a person did morning walk for 30 minutes is reduced heart attack chance to nearly null.

Now the balance food means your food contains the mixture of nutrition like carbohydrate, protein in the balance quantity.

so this is the end of our article if you really like natural weight loss tips,
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Nail Care at Home Best Simple Tips

Top 3 tips How to maintain shining nail properly

the nail is very important part of a woman, a properly maintain nail care and clean nail attract everyone. they increase your beauty properly and increase your appearance in the front of someone. but many time we dont take nail care which is an important body part, which not good for a person who sees you and also for you. also, a person who nail care is free from some cleaning related disease.

so we discuss some basic step to increase your appearance in front of someone. first of all, make sure manicure and pedicure are done after some time interval this is basic of nail care which gives shining and clean look, so let's discuss some other basic beauty tips for your nail care.

First nail care step  -

when you clean your house or something product makes sure always good quality gloves. this protects your nail from the bad material injection. and this also makes your nail polish durable. and protect your nail from scratch.

Second nail care step -

If you using low-quality nail polish just stop it. this low-quality polish contain bad chemicals which directly affect your nail shining and make nail rough. so always used good quality nail polish.

final step -

the basic and effective final step is to make sure you clean your hand properly with little warm
water after doing something. if any cream is present past it on your hand it makes your hand more beautiful.

Hope you enjoy the article and dont forget to give feedback in the comment. we always add some
other tips in the future so make sure you stay connected with us.