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Does Billing Address Name Have to Match Credit Card Name?

When one applies for a credit card, that person automatically becomes an authorized user. Unless the account is managed by two or more people, being an authorized user means that you can use someone else's credit card.  To become an authorized user of someone's credit card account, they simply add your name to the account, granting you permission to use the card. While it looks like you own the card, you aren't the primary account holder.  Your account will come with a credit card, but you will not get the same privileges as the main account holder. It is likely you won't be able to make changes to your account, such as requesting a credit increase or adding more authorized users.  A billing address on a credit card is as important as the name on the credit card. Let's define the term "BILLING ADDRESS". A billing address is the address associated with a specific form of payment, typically a credit or debit card. Shipping addresses, which are names of addre

What Are The Chances Of Getting Caught Using A Stolen Credit Card

 It's hard for me to tell how often they are caught. It is becoming easier to get caught. Merchants will be questioned about suspicious transactions reported by customers. It is likely that your card-thief has bought something worth using a stolen card for, so you will find them in a location with CCTV. The store is interested in avoiding reversal of the charges because, if it occurs, they lose money and the goods are already gone. As a result, if a transaction is challenged, the store will want to know who it was. If there are any records or cameras, they will check them out. A cardholder with a stolen card is naturally motivated to get the maximum value from it, which means their spending pattern is quite different from that of a legitimate cardholder. That alone makes catching them easier. Someone who uses a stolen credit card to purchase $12 worth of dog food at the local pet store has a very low chance of being caught due to their unremarkable usage pattern. If all you were go