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10 Lines on Rose Flower in English for Kids

  • Rose is the most famous and common flower in India.
  • The fragrance of rose flower is very gentle and good.
  • There are different varieties of rose flower.
  • Rose flower can be of red, white, yellow, black colour etc. 
  • Most common Rose flower is of red colour.
  • Most of the rose flowers found in Asia.
  • Rose flowers can be planted in homes also.
  • The flowers of most species have 5 petals.
  • Dog roses are very rich in vitamin c.
  • We can give bouquets of flowers to people.
Few Lines on Rose Flower
Short 10 Sentences Essay on Rose Flower

10 Lines on Earth Day in English for Kids

  • Earth day is the day marked for the environment.
  • It comes every year.
  • It is celebrated on 22 April every year.
  • It is celebrated to make people aware about earth.
  • Its motive is to save earth.
  • It promotes the saving of trees.
  • More and more trees are planted on this day.
  • It creates awareness to safeguard the environment. 
  • Steps are taken to solve environmental issues. 
  • It promotes to keep the earth clean and green.
Some Points About Earth Day
Few Sentences on Earth Day

10 Lines on Peacock in English for Kids

  • Peacock is a bird.
  • It is the national bird of India.
  • Peacocks can’t fly high.
  • It is a very beautiful bird.
  • Its feathers are very colorful
  • Its feathers are also used for decoration purposes.
  • Peacocks love dancing.
  • They spread their feathers when they are happy.
  • Peacocks usually dance in rain.
  • They look very beautiful while dancing.
Some Points About Peacock
Few Sentences on Peacock

10 Lines on Independence Day in English for Kids

  • Independence day is the national festival of india.
  • It is celebrated on 15 August every year.
  • It is celebrated because India got independence from britishers on this day.
  • India became an independent country on 15 august 1947.
  • It is also declared as a national holiday.
  • National flag is hoisted every year on this day.
  • Indian flag gets a salute from everyone.
  • Indian national anthem is also sung on this day.
  • It is a very proud moment for the country.
  • It inculcates the feeling of love for the country in everyone.
Some Points About Independence Day
Few Sentences on Independence Day

10 Lines on Good Manners in English for Kids

  • Children must have good manners.
  • Good manners makes the children a good person.
  • They should respect elders.
  • kids with Good Manners always speak the truth.
  • They should always speak politely with everyone.
  • They should not be a nuisance.
  • Students with Good Manners should maintain cleanliness.
  • They should always obey their parents.
  • They should never make fun of others. 
  • Kids with Good Manners always try to help others.
Some Points About Good Manners
Few Sentences on Good Manners

10 Lines on Importance of Water in English for Kids

  • Water is very important for every living being.
  • It is the basic unit of life.
  • Water is very essential for survival.
  • It is present in different sources on earth.
  • It is essential for the human body.
  • Water regulates body temperature.
  • It is used for cleaning purposes .
  • It is used in cooking food.
  • Water keeps the body hydrated. 
  • It  is also very important for plants.
Some Points About Importance of Water
Few Sentences on Importance of Water

10 Lines on Republic Day in English for Kids

  • Republic Day is the national festival of india.
  • It is celebrated on 26 january every year.
  • It is a very proud day for our country.
  • It is also a national holiday of India.
  • It has been celebrated since 1950.
  • On this day the constitution of our country came into effect.
  • Indian flag is hosted every year on this day.
  • The Republic Day Parade is the big event of this day. 
  • This parade is held on Rajpath in New Delhi.
  • It fills the feeling of nationalism in every Indian.
Some Points About Republic Day
Few Sentences on Republic Day

10 Lines on Daily Routine in English for Kids

  • Daily routine includes the activities which we do daily.
  • Everyone should maintain their daily routine properly.
  • It is a part of our lifestyle.
  • A good daily routine makes us healthy.
  • It includes early rising and doing exercise and yoga.
  • Eating timely and in appropropriate amounts is also a part of a good daily routine.
  • It affects our life directly.
  • It also improves our habits.
  • Nature of the person can be predicted by knowing his daily routine.. 
  • A good daily routine helps in making a good lifestyle.
Some Points About Daily Routine
Few Sentences on Daily Routine

10 Lines on Durga Puja in English for Kids

  • Durga puja is an Indian festival.
  • It belongs to Hindu culture.
  • Hindu Goddess Durga is worshiped during this puja. 
  • It is a great festival of Bengal. 
  • It is celebrated with full joy and devotion. 
  • It comes twice in a year.
  • Many rituals are performed during this puja. 
  • It is a very religious festival.  
  • It is a festival of 10 days.
  • It is a festival of happiness.
Some Points About Durga Puja
Few Sentences on Durga Puja