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10 Lines on Birthday Party in English for Kids

  • A birthday is the most memorable day .
  • We all celebrate our birthday with friends or relatives.
  • In Birthday party everyone cut the cake.
  • At birthday party we get a lot of gifts.
  • On the day of birthday all people give us blessings.
  • We all wait for this day all over the year.
  • Everyone makes their birthday party special.
  • On Birthday we get a lot of surprises.
  • Our parents also celebrate this day as a festival.
  • On birthday parties we all wear new clothes.
Short Few Lines Essay on Birthday Party
10 Sentences on Birthday Party

10 Lines on Garden in English for Kids

  • Garden can have a large amount of things.
  • Garden can contain flowers.
  • Garden can contain green grasses, plants, trees etc.
  • Garden can contain herbs also.
  • Gardening is good for our life and environment.
  • Gardens can help to reduce pollution.
  • We can do resident gardening and take useful things.
  • Garden provide us natural food and fruits.
  • We can make a small garden on our roofs also.
  • Garden can be from a small extent to a large extent.
Short Few Lines Essay on Garden
10 Sentences on Garden

10 Lines on Forest in English for Kids

  • A wide area covered by numbers of trees is called forest.
  • Forest is a home place of many animals.
  • Forest provides us a variety of herbs.
  • Forest prevent us from soil erosion.
  • Forest helps in rain.
  • Forest protects our environment from pollution.
  • A large amount of land is covered by Forest.
  • Forest are also tourist place.
  • Forest helps in balancing the ecosystem.
  • It provides food to animals and human beings.
Short Few Lines Essay on Forest
10 Sentences on Forest

Forest Essay Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

  • The forest has great importance in the life of all of us.
  • We get oxygen from the trees in the forest.
  • The forest is spread over a large area.
  • A lot of animal birds live together in the forest.
  • The lion is the king of the jungle due to his strength.
  • Many types of herbs are also found in the forest.
  • There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian animals here.
  • Deer, elephant, lion, bear, snake, cheetah are found in the forest.
  • About 30 percent of the world's forest cover.
  • In ancient times, kings used to go hunting in the forest.

10 Lines on Books Are Our Best Friends in English for Kids

  • Books are our first and best friends .
  • Books make us laugh as well as cry.
  • Books give us knowledge.
  • Books fill our mind with good thoughts.
  • We can not feel alone in the company of books.
  • We can get the most expensive things from books that are experiences.
  • Books help us to make a character.
  • Books are our best friend in case of failure also.
  • Books bring us towards positiveness.
  • As friends, we have a large variety of books with different qualities.
Short Few Lines Essay on Books Are Our Best Friends
10 Sentences on Books Are Our Best Friends

Few Lines on Coronavirus in English for Kids

  • Corona virus disease-19 i.e COVID-19 is also known as coronavirus.
  • Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic.
  • Coronavirus is a communicable disease.
  • We must apply a mask on our face and sanitize our hands and body.
  • About 5 crore people are affected by coronavirus in the whole world.
  • More than 12 lakhs people died from coronavirus.
  • The first case of coronavirus in India was found on 30 January 2020.
  • The coronavirus tests are of two types.
  • India is on first number in coronavirus testing.
  • The vaccine of coronavirus is not found yet.
Few Lines on Coronavirus
Short 10 Sentences Essay on Coronavirus

Corona-virus Essay Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

  • Coronavirus is a very serious virus.
  • The corona virus is said to have come from China.
  • The corona virus is also spread by cold and sneeze drops.
  • There is difficulty in breathing when there is corona.
  • Corona is also known as Kovid 19.
  • Corona has engulfed the whole world.
  • Wearing a mask and a distance of two yards prevents this.
  • Corona patients keep quarantine for 14 days.
  • Washing hands with soap continuously for 20 seconds prevents this.
  • We should change or wash our mask every day.

Few Lines on Community Helpers in English for Kids

  • Community Helpers are an essential part of the society.
  • Community Helpers make life easy for the people.
  • They help in the problems of the others.
  • They serve their life to society.
  • They provide us food like farmer, chiefs.
  • They keep us safe like police, soldiers.
  • They also take care of animals like veterinary.
  • They take care of plants like gardner.
  • They provide us education like teachers.
  • Community Helpers also  help us to provide justice.
Few Lines on Community Helpers
Short 10 Sentences Essay on Community Helpers

Few Lines on Corona Warriors in English for Kids

  • Those who are fighting against corona are known as corona warriors.
  • These are doctors, nurses, police men, social workers, etc.
  • Corona warriors provide necessary things to the local people.
  • Corona warriors sanitize the roads and buildings.
  • Corona warriors provide even food to local people in tough times.
  • Some Corona warriors even give their life to save others life.
  • Corona warriors donate a large amount of money in coronavirus time.
  • People give respect to the corona warriors.
  • Government awarded corona warriors.
  • Every citizen will also be a corona warrior by staying at home in the lockdown.
Few Lines on Corona Warriors
Short 10 Sentences Essay on Corona Warriors

10 Lines on Zebra in English for Kids

  • Zebras are special black and white striped coats.
  • Zebras are famous for their heights.
  • Zebra have four legs.
  • Zebra have two eyes and two ears.
  • Zebra hace one mouth and one tail.
  • Zebras are herbivorous.
  • There are three varieties of zebras.
  • Gravy, plains and mountains zebras are varieties of zebras.
  • Zebra stripes come in different patterns.
  • Zebra can not eat meat.
Few Lines on Zebra
Short 10 Sentences Essay on Zebra

10 Lines on Yoga Day in English for Kids

  • International yoga day is celebrated on 21st of June.
  • The first International yoga day was celebrated on 21 june 2015.
  • This day is celebrated as a festival in India.
  • Yoga is a gift of India’s ancient tradition.
  • Yoga can help us for unity of body and mind.
  • By doing yoga we can control our 6 senses.
  • Yoga provides us good health.
  • Yoga classes are also provided in schools and colleges.
  • People make their future in yoga.
  • Yoga classes are running in our local areas this time.
Few Lines on Yoga Day
Short 10 Sentences Essay on Yoga Day

10 Lines on William Wordsworth in English for Kids

  • William Wordsworth was an english romantic poet.
  • William Wordsworth was born on 7 April 1770.
  • William Wordsworth was born in Cumberland,England.
  • William Wordsworth studied at cambridge university.
  • William Wordsworth helps to launch romantic age in English literature.
  • He lost his both parents at the age of 13.
  • William Wordsworth was called Nature poet.
  • 387 poems are written by William Wordsworth.
  • Simon lee, We are seven are some major works of William Wordsworth.
  • William Wordsworth died on 23 April 1850.
Few Lines on William Wordsworth
Short 10 Sentences Essay on William Wordsworth

10 Lines on William Shakespeare in English for Kids

  • William Shakespeare born in 23 April 1564.
  • William Shakespeare was an english poet.
  • William Shakespeare often called “Bard of Avon”.
  • William Shakespeare was the greatest writer of english language.
  • William Shakespeare was famous for his poems, plays and acting.
  • William Shakespeare wrote 38 plays.
  • William Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets.
  • His one of the most famous poem is Romeo and juliet.
  • William Shakespeare poem are also in my school book.
  • William Shakespeare was passes on 23 April 1616.
Few Lines on William Shakespeare
Short 10 Sentences Essay on William Shakespeare

10 Lines on Water Park in English for Kids

  • Water Park is a area where we all go in our childhood.
  • Water Park is an area  where we have a lot of joy and happiness.
  • At Water Park we can do swimming.
  • At Water Park we can go with our friends.
  • At Water Park we can also go with our family and relatives.
  • At Water Park we can learn swimming.
  • At Water Park we can dance at DJ.
  • At the water park we can ride a lot of rides.
  • A Water Park is located in my city.
  • In Water Park we can spend our quality time.
Few Lines on Water Park
Short 10 Sentences Essay on Water Park

Few Lines on My Best Friend in English for Kids

  • My Best friend's name is Aditya.
  • He is very caring.
  • We study in the same class.
  • We go to school together.
  • He always helps me in my work.
  • He is very mischievous.
  • We also do our homework together.
  • In the evening we also play together.
  • I always share my secrets with him.
  • I love my best friend Aditya.
10 Sentences on My Best Friend
Short 10 Lines Essay on My Best Friend

Essay on My Best Friend Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

  • Shushant is my best friend.
  • He helps me every time.
  • I love being with Shushant.
  • Shushant is less my friend and more brother.
  • He and I go to visit every Sunday.
  • Both me and her like to eat dosa.
  • My friend Shushant is a very nice person.
  • He and I also go on picnics.
  • Shushant is a very cheerful person.
  • I am proud of my friend Shushant.

Few Lines on Golden Temple in English for Kids

  • Golden temple is a Gurdwara.
  • It is situated in Amritsar punjab.
  • It is also known as Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib.
  • It is a place of worship of sikhs.
  • Golden Temple is also a tourist place.
  • Many people across different regions come here to worship.
  • Golden Temple has a Golden dome.
  • It is very beautifully constructed. 
  • Golden Temple is a great tourist attraction. 
  • It also has many small temples near it.
10 Sentences on Golden Temple
Short 10 Lines Essay on Golden Temple

Few Lines on Save Water Save Life in English for Kids

  • Water is a very important part of life.
  • It is very necessary for the survival of human beings.
  • We should save water.
  • We should not leave taps running when not in use.
  • We should not waste water unnecessarily.
  • It fulfils basic requirements of life.
  • We should also preserve natural sources of water.
  • It is essential for everyone. 
  • Water is used for various purposes.
  • In order to save life, we should save water and use it efficiently.
10 Sentences on Save Water Save Life
Short 10 Lines Essay on Save Water Save Life

Few Lines on Trees in English for Kids

  • Trees are an important part of life.
  • They give us oxygen.
  • Trees make the environment beautiful.
  • They maintain the beauty of nature.
  • They also play an important role in photosynthesis.
  • Trees also provide fruits.
  • They provide shade in summers.
  • They are a shelter for many birds.
  • Tree trunk is used for making furniture and other wooden materials.
  • Tree parts are also used in making natural medicines.
10 Sentences on Trees
Short 10 Lines Essay on Trees