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Few Lines on Water in English for Kids

  • Water is very essential for every human being.
  • It is a very important part of life.
  • It is used for various purposes.
  • Water is used in making food.
  • It keeps the body hydrated.
  • Water is also used for cleaning purposes.
  • It is found in various sources.
  • Water is very important to survive.
  • It fulfills basic requirements of the body.
  • We should save water.
10 Sentences on Water
Short 10 Lines Essay on Water

Essay on Water Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

  • Water is very important to live life.
  • We need water for our daily work.
  • If there is a lack of water in the body, then disease occurs.
  • Water is necessary for things like eating, bathing, washing dishes.
  • Animals and birds also depend on water.
  • We can get water from rivers, ponds, wells and lakes.
  • We should not waste a single drop of water in vain.
  • Fruits and crops also need more water.
  • Today, drinking water is decreasing due to water pollution.
  • Water is also necessary for watering the plants.

Few Lines on Air Pollution in English for Kids

  • Air pollution means polluting the air with dust and other harmful particles.
  • It decreases the quality of air.
  • Air Pollution creates difficulty in breathing.
  • It makes the environment dirty.
  • It also causes harmful effects on plants.
  • It also affects animals and birds.
  • It is created by deforestation.
  • Burning of fuel also causes air pollution
  • Air Pollution spoils the beauty of nature.
  • It causes many health problems also.
10 Sentences on Air Pollution
Short 10 Lines Essay on Air Pollution

Few Lines on Summer Vacation in English for Kids

  • Summer vacations are the holidays. 
  • These come in the summer season every year.
  • This relaxes the children.
  • It gives a break from daily routine to children.
  • Children often go for trips with their families during these vacations.
  • Kids enjoy a lot during this period.
  • Summer Vacation refreshes Students mind.
  • They get to learn new things.
  • It also enhances knowledge of children.
  • Mental and physical development of children takes place during this period.
10 Sentences on Summer Vacation
Short 10 Lines Essay on Summer Vacation

Few Lines on Ashoka in English for Kids

  • Ashoka was a Indian emperor.
  • He was born in patliputra.
  • He was very powerful.
  • He was the grandson of Chandragupta maurya.
  • Ashoka ruled almost whole india.
  • He was the son of Bindusara.
  • He was one of the biggest emperors in India.
  • He was the third emperor of Maurya Density.
  • He was also known as Ashoka the great.
  • Ashoka was a great promoter of Buddhism.
10 Sentences on Ashoka
Short 10 Lines Essay on Ashoka

10 Lines on Elephant in English for Kids

  • Elephant is an animal.
  • It is a wild animal.
  • Elephants live in the jungle.
  • It is a very big animal.
  • It has a very huge body.
  • Elephants have a very long nose.
  • It also has two long teeths.
  • It has two big ears and four legs.
  • Elephants are also seen in the circus.
  • Elephants are used for travelling purposes too.
short 10 lines essay on elephant
few sentences on elephant

Essay on Elephant Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

  • An elephant is very intelligent and obedient.
  • The elephant is a large mammal living on the ground.
  • The elephant likes jaggery and sugarcane the most.
  • Elephants use their trunk to bathe and drink water.
  • Elephants break the leaves on trees from this trunk.
  • Despite being a giant elephant, there are skilled swimmers.
  • Elephants are considered a symbol of Lord Ganesha in India.
  • Elephants are very nomadic and do not last a place.
  • Elephants were used in ancient times during the war.
  • Elephant's ears look like big feathers.

10 Lines on Bhagat Singh in English for Kids

  • Bhagat Singh was a freedom fighter.
  • He is also known as Shaheed Bhagat Singh.
  • He was born in Punjab.
  • He was born on 28 September.
  • He belongs to a sikh family.
  • Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life for the country.
  • He fought bravely in the freedom fight of India.
  • Bhagat Singh was a very bold and fearless leader.
  • He gave great contribution to Independence.
  • India is proud of his bravery.
short 10 lines essay on bhagat singh
few sentences on bhagat singh

Essay on Bhagat Singh Within 10 Lines for Class 1,2,3,4,5 Kids

  • Bhagat Singh was a very big patriot.
  • He played an important role in liberating the country.
  • Bhagat Singh gave the slogan of Inquilab Zindabad.
  • Bhagat Singh was born on 28 September 1907.
  • He was born in a Sikh family of Punjab.
  • Bhagat Singh was the founder of the Naujawan Bharat Sabha.
  • His father was Sardar Kishan Singh and mother Vidyavati.
  • Bhagat Singh's team also included Chandrashekhar Azad.
  • He killed Sandrus on 17 December 1928.
  • He was hanged on 23 March 1931.

10 Lines on Rainy Season in English for Kids

  • Rainy season is the type of weather.
  • It occurs every year.
  • In this season rain occurs.
  • It is also known as wet season.
  • It cleans the surroundings..
  • Rainy Season comes in the months from June to September.
  • It refreshes the environment.
  • Cool breezes start blowing this season.
  • Greenery gets spread everywhere.
  • Rainy Season is a very pleasant season.
Short 10 lines essay on rainy season
few sentences on rainy season

Short Few Lines Essay on Rainy Season for Class 1,2,3,4,5

  • The rainy season is one of the seasons of India.
  • The sun is rarely seen during the rainy season.
  • The clouds are dark, dense and filled with water.
  • In the rainy season, the frogs in the ponds sound tur tur.
  • In the rainy season, there are floods in the rivers and streams.
  • In the rainy season, the trees become more green.
  • The crop of the farmers depends on this season.
  • If it does not rain, people will not get food grains.
  • In the rainy season people walk with an umbrella.
  • Dumplings are often made in people's homes during this season.

10 Lines on Healthy Food in English for Kids

  • Healthy food contains all types of nutrients.
  • It is very nutritious food.
  • It fulfils all the necessary requirements of the body.
  • It helps in proper growth of the body.
  • Healthy Food increases our immunity.
  • It also increases our strength and stamina.
  • All the vitamins and minerals are present in an appropriate amount in it.
  • Healthy Food results in overall development of the body.
short 10 lines essay on healthy food
few sentences on healthy food

10 Lines on Child Labour in English for Kids

  • Child labour means taking work from small children.
  • Money is given in return of work to these children.
  • These children are less than age 14.
  • Child Labour is a crime.
  • Fine is there against child labour.
  • Punishment is also there for those who take work from small children.
  • These children are tortured.
  • Children are forced to do work in factories and other places.
  • Their childhood gets spoiled.
  • Their future goes dark.
short 10 lines essay on child labour
few sentences on child labour

10 Lines on Friendship in English for Kids

  • Friendship is the bond between persons.
  • It is a very beautiful relation..
  • It is very important part of everyone's life.
  • It is the second family which we choose ourselves.
  • Friendship is a pure relationship.
  • Friendship does not involve any hardships.
  • It involves care and love for each other
  • Friendship is a feeling of togetherness. 
  • It helps in curing every problem. 
  • True friendship is God's best gift.
Short 10 Lines Essay on Friendship
Few Sentences on Friendship

10 Lines on Honesty in English for Kids

  • Honesty is a moral value.
  • Honesty means telling the truth.
  • It makes a person a good human being.
  • It also improves the personality of a person.
  • Everyone should be honest.
  • Honesty is the best policy.
  • It describes the nature of a person. 
  • It makes the person's moral high.
  • An honest person never fails in life. 
  • Honesty builds self confidence in the person.
Short 10 Lines Essay on Honesty
Few Sentences on Honesty

10 Lines on Robot in English for Kids

  • Robot is a machine.
  • It is like a computer.
  • It follows all the commands of its master.
  • It does work very quickly.
  • Robot does not get tired.
  • It can be charged again when its battery gets low.
  • Robots make our life easy and comfortable.
  • It can do all the work which humans can do.
  • It do all the works very accurately.
  • Robot can do difficult work very easily.
Short 10 Lines Essay on Robot
Few Sentences on Robot

10 Lines on Picnic in English for Kids

  • Picnic makes children very happy.
  • They got very excited hearing about the picnic.
  • It refreshes their mind.
  • Small children love to go to places like amusement parks, zoo etc.
  • Kids also get to learn many things during the picnic.
  • It also sharpens their mind.
  • Kids also enjoy the journey of the picnic.
  • They enjoy a lot with their friends.
  • Students also learn different values.
  • Kids should be taken to picnics on a regular basis.
Short 10 Lines Essay on Picnic
Few Sentences on Picnic

10 Lines on Doctor in English for Kids

  • Doctor is an occupation.
  • Whenever we are sick we go to a doctor. 
  • They treat the ill persons.
  • Doctors are known as life saviours.
  • They cure diseases of the patients.
  • They give different medicines according to type of illness.
  • Doctors are very important part of our lives.
  • Next to God, doctors are the one who give new life to the persons 
  • For different types of problems there are different specialists.
  • Doctor serve their services without any differences.
Short 10 Lines Essay on Doctor
Few Sentences on Doctor

10 Lines on Animals in English for Kids

Searching for some short sentences about animals? Find best lines on animals for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 students, which help in to solve homework problems on how to write on animals topic.

  • Animals are the part of living beings.
  • They live, breathe, eat like human beings.
  • There are two types of animals i.e. wild animals and domestic animals.
  • Wild animals live in the jungle.
  • Domestic animals are the pet animals which humans keep with them.
  • Animals play an important role in maintaining ecological balance.
  • They are also useful to humans.
  • Animals find their food and make their shelter themselves.
  • Different types of animals have different living conditions and food habits.
  • We humans are also called a type of animal.
Short 10 lines essay on animals
some points about animals

10 Lines on Toothbrush in English for Kids

Searching for some short sentences about toothbrush? Find best lines on toothbrush for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 students, which help in to solve homework problems on how to write on toothbrush topic.

  • Toothbrush is a part of our daily routine.
  • We brush our teeth using a toothbrush daily.
  • It helps in cleaning our mouth and teeth.
  • It prevents the teeth from cavities and germs.
  • We should brush our teeth twice a day after taking a meal.
  • It is a part of our hygiene.
  • We should clean our teeth using a toothbrush daily.
  • We should only use our own personal toothbrush.
  • Toothbrush should also be kept clean to prevent germs.
  • We should replace our toothbrush regularly after some interval of time.
Short 10 lines essay on toothbrush
some points about toothbrush

10 Lines on Zoo in English for Kids

Searching for some short sentences about zoo? Find best lines on zoo for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 students, which help in to solve homework problems on how to write on zoo topic.

  • Zoo is a place where animals are kept.
  • Different types of animals live in zoo.
  • People visit zoo to see different types of animals.
  • Proper living environment is provided to animals in zoo for their survival.
  • Proper food and care is given to animals.
  • It is a place where we can see many types of animals at one place.
  • Visiting a zoo helps us to learn about different types of animals.
  • Animals are kept here in a safe and secure environment.
  • Zoo is a place to safeguard wildlife.
  • It is an artificially designed natural habitat for animals.
Short 10 lines essay on zoo
some points about zoo