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ᐅ BEST, Short Essay About Global Warming in English For Students

Searching for Global warming essay which help you to understanding of Global Warming chek this short artical on Global Warming in english because it is crisis that can haunt us a lot in the coming times, for this we need to face it together and protect our earth, the biggest contribution today's students can give if they are environmentally conscious To do is the best way Telling them about the changes in the environment through this Global Warming Essay.


Global warming means an increase in the average temperature of the Earth or an unwanted change in the Earth's natural balance, Today global warming is a subject on which we talk But never properly follow its rescue measures,

The number of industries in the world has grown at a very fast pace since the Industrial Revolution, Because of this, the smoke and toxic substances emanating from them go directly into our atmosphere. And damage the layers of air that protect us in this atmosphere, as we also call the ozone layer

If we talk about today's modern times, then in the last few years, the number of vehicles has increased at such a high speed on the roads. So that the smoke emanating from them is making people living in cities very hard.

In addition to human activities such as frequent felling of trees, flow of toxic chemicals from the industry into the water, coal fired plants, And the excessive use of natural resources is also included in the cause of global warming.

Somehow they harm our environment for some reason. Along with this, our aquatic and land animals are also brought to the brink of extinction. Due to all these activities, the temperature of the earth is increasing very worryingly today.

Some countries must have reached the state of water in the next 20 years. The reason for this is the rapid melting of the glaciers present on the peaks of our poles and mountains. Because the temperature of the earth is rising So even at these places the temperature is increasing and the snow is melting

The creatures living on our north and south poles who kept their existence alive for thousands of years are also disappearing very fast due to human activity in the last 100 years. Today, unseasonal rain, or no rain, is due to our activities and global warming.

For this, we need to get out from the world of the social media of the Internet. Work a little while for your beautiful planet And plant trees and Use vehicles as much as possible  whenever necessary And store rainwater so that we can use it when needed. Only then will our only home in the solar system be safe

short essay on global warming for students

ᐅ BEST, Short • Computer Essay in English • For Students

Looking at the advantages of computer in our daily work we have written a short essay on computer because Ever since the invention of the computer, it has changed our life constantly. And today all our work is done with the help of computer,  the Computer has changed every class students' lives completely and in today's times working in companies has become very easy.


Computer is a revolutionary discovery of human history Which has greatly influenced the way we live, Especially for the last 20 years, we cannot imagine today's era without computers, Today, whether you go to work in the bank or to withdraw money in ATM or fill a school or job form, computer is available everywhere. With the help of internet in computer we can talk very easily with any person sitting from one corner of the world to the other.

The work which previously required a lot of hard work and a lot of people Today, that work, with the help of computer Takes place in a very short time

But it didn't happen quickly, For this, research and hard work were done by scientists for years, Today we see the result of hardwork they did, and That the first computer which used to be the size of a room, has become the size that we hold in our hands today becomes possible.

Even nowadays touch screen is the era of computers If we talk about mobile phones then that too is the result of computer revolution

All these things show that computer has made a deep impact on human life. But we should use it according to the need, It has often been seen that students and youth spend a lot of time at the computer watching gaming, songs, movies. Which is a waste of our precious time We should see these things in a certain amount, So that we can make a better future by using this revolutionary tool.

ᐅ BEST, Short Essay on Statue of Unity in English For Students

One of the finest wonders of the world, the Statue of Unity is located in the state of Gujarat in India, which reminds us of the work done by the great Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. If you are looking for best essay on statue of unity ? check this amazing post.


The Statue of Unity is the largest statue in the world near the Sardar Sarovar Dam located in the Narmada district of Gujarat state of India, with a height of 182 meters or 597 feet, which is the highest in the world.

The construction of the statue started on 31 October 2014 on the birth anniversary of Shri Sardar Patel and was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31 October 2018 in a very grand and magnificent way.

The statue was named because of the efforts made by Sardar Patel to unite India. Because at the time of independence, India was under different princely states, and if it governed according to its own
If India were not such a big country today, it would have divided into small countries.

This was the efforts of Sardar Patel, due to which India, despite being a country of such religious diversities, culture and language, has remained together till date, There is no country in the world where languages ​​are spoken as much as India, Or is there a culture as much as India, and it was possible only because of Sardar Patel

Sardar Patel ji was born on 31 October 1875 in Nanded, which at that time came under the Mumbai jurisdiction of India under the British, today Nanded is located in the state of Gujarat.

Due to his contribution in independence and the work taken by Sardar ji in uniting India, he was given the status of Loh Purush, But Sardar ji could not live long after independence, and Sardar ji died due to heart attack in Mumbai on 15 December 1950,

His death caused a great loss to the whole country but we should not forget the work of this great man, Keeping this in view, a grand and huge building like the Statue of Unity was built.

The height of the Statue of Unity can be gauged from this, after this, the world's second highest statue spring temple Buddha which is in China has a height of only 153 meters.

If we measure the height of the Statue of Unity from its base, it rises to 758 meters. To build the Statue of Unity, there was talk of first collecting iron from every corner of the country and making it a statue. Even more iron was collected within 3 months,

But later, given its effect on the quality of the statue, It was considered appropriate to use this iron for construction work around the statue.

The Statue of Unity is very spectacular to see and a bridge has been built to reach it which leads directly to the base of the Statue of Unity. Apart from this, the hotel room garden around the Statue of Unity is being made an attractive tourist place. So that its importance spread all over the world

A lot of research and engineering was taken to create the Statue of Unity, so that it was possible to build such a high, the Statue of Unity could withstand very strong winds and high intensity earthquakes.

For this, strong reinforcing cement concrete (RCC) and high quality steel were used. Firstly, a strong foundation was constructed for which the soil quality was also thoroughly tested, followed by two reinforce concrete columns. - Around Sardar Patel ji structure was built


Along with Sardar Patel, we should also be proud that the world's tallest statue is located in India because there are so many statues of the world which remain the identity of those countries and attract thousands of millions of tourists every year.

Due to which the area becomes prosperous and the surrounding people get employment, we should also promote it and respect the Statue of Unity.

ᐅ BEST Essay About Diwali in English For Students


Diwali is one of the biggest festival on the earth which is celebrated across the world, But very dedicated celebration done in country India, on this day you can see a different image of every Indian city and village, even the old houses are covers with lightning decoration.

the market is fully packed with peoples, they buy different different things like clothes, jewellery, furniture and house decorating product, this all make a special moment to everyone, also this is special attraction for tourist.

Before the Diwali starting every house is clean by the family member, to ensure the house look well-decorated on Diwali,

the sweet is exchange between the friend and family relatives, also various wishing Send throw social media platform which gives close connection to the relative which is away from us.

This all things happen on the day of Diwali, we can also say that this is the biggest mankind festival where million of people celebrate the happiness of life.

From all age group people who celebrate Diwali one of them is kids they enjoy more than other, wear new clothes, eat lots of sweet and enjoy firework and shopping throw all days.

Why we celebrate Diwali Festival

Diwali has celebrated for return and welcoming of Lord Rama after defeating the symbol of evil Rawan. which is basically the king of Lanka, which is today Sri Lanka country, He kidnap Mata Sita which is wife of Lord Rama.

Ravan also kills various innocent people, due to the increase of its power and did various inappropriate work, so taking the Revenge of all these things Lord Vishnu born in the form of Lord Rama and chose the way of Mata Sita kidnapping to kill Ravan and free the earth from Evil person.

The day which Lord Rama killed Ravana called Dussehra which is also a very famous festival in Hindu religion. when Rama killed Ravan and come back to Ayodhya, which is currently in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, this journey take 20 days and in the 21st day Lord Rama return home.

When they return home the people of Ayodhya welcome very well with completely decorated Ayodhya.

The various event is conducted in Ayodhya that day, which is include cleaning of housing, dancing music performance, lightning with the help of Diya. Also, people wear new good looking dresses to celebrate the Homecoming of Lord Rama and this day become famous as the festival of Diwali which is celebrated today date.

Importance of Diwali

Diwali festival gives the opportunity to the family member to come closer to each other, Because in present busy Lifestyle, when we spend time with our relative, it decreases our stress and increase love and bonding, which is really important for the happy family.

In the festival of Diwali, people who are working with clay soil product receiving the opportunity to sell product and make some money, Which help in maintaining Indian Heritage culture.

Diwali comes with clean houses, because before Diwali we cleaning our houses, changing furniture painting the wall. which refresh our environment of working and when we work in this environment we feel happy about doing something.

Diwali gives the boost to economy, because they consumption and production increase in the market, Because the people ready to buy the product, which is good for a developing country like India.

Diwali festival gives equal opportunity to make money for small medium and large businessman by various mean which provides also employment to other workers, which are working on the company.

Pollution, Health and Other Disadvantages

On the Diwali large amount of firework is done by children and adult, which increase the level of pollution on very high and dangerous level. due to this lots of people facing the various problem, related to eyes and skin, even some people face problem in breathing which is not good for the healthy.

On Diwali large amount of light is produced which consume high electricity also large use of oil, which is wastage of our resources and harmful for the nature.

Deepavali is celebrated by exchanging the sweet to our relatives and friends, But some bad people take advantage of that and make an unhealthy sweet which is harmful to our body, also sometime we eat more than enough due to a large amount of present of sweet and this give bad effect to our body.

The various type of animal and Bird face life losing situation due to Firework and this decrease our wildlife.

People spend more than necessary in the various product only for the purpose of showing off to his neighbor this money can be used for other important purposes.

Lots of people injured during the Diwali because of Firework.

How to celebrate Pollution Free Echo friendly diwali

In deepawali, lots of shopping is done and all these product is packed in the plastic bag, we know plastic is not good for the environment even animal eat the plastic bag which is blocked in stomach and give a deadly effect to them.

so as possible as avoiding the use of plastic bag. If possible use recyclable and easily biodegradable bag which is available in the market, just some little high price then plastic bag but it gave a long term good effect to our environment and also for soil.

If possible used eco-friendly cracker which not produce the pollution and only gives cracker like sound. because firework gives bad Effect to our health, also birds in the sky face really big problem due to Firework.

Use basic lighting only To help in decreasing Light Pollution

Because some people use very high excessive lighting decoration in their home with not only give the burden of Bill but also give environmental effect because lots of coal is used in the production of electricity. which produced air pollution.

On the occasion of Deepavali give a plant gift to our relative and friends which give environmental friendly culture to our society.

Earthen lamp and Diya are the product which is eco-friendly to our nature if we compare with electric product which contains plastic and recycling of this product is not an easy task. but the earthen product is recycled automatically, and this product also related to our culture and history which is really important to preserve history.

So Buy adopting these some little things we make a happy Echo friendly Diwali which is really happy to everyone. Which also give proud feeling to us

ᐅ BEST 10 Lines Essay About Holi Festival in English For Class 1 and 2 Students

  1. Holi is called festival of colors
  2. It is famous all over the world
  3. Holi is celebrated for 2 days
  4. On Holi, there is a holiday all over India
  5. Millions of people come to India to celebrate Holi
  6. It is celebrated on the full moon of Phalgun month.
  7. Holi symbolizes the victory of good over evil
  8. There are many programs on the day of Holi, in which everyone colors each other.
  9. We should not use water much on Holi
  10. Eyes should be protected when Putting colors on Holi
few lines on holi festival essay
10 lines on holi festival in english for class 1

ᐅ BEST Short Essay on Internet with its Advantages and Disadvantages in English For Students

Searching for short internet essay which help you to understanding of internet chek this short artical on Internet in english because best way Telling them about the Advantages and Disadvantages through this is essay on Internet, the reason is we know Ever since the internet has come into the world, it is as if the revolution has come in the world  we can see a person living thousands of kilometers away with just one click. And you can get information about anything, because of the Internet, the lives of students and all people have become very simple. Given its importance, it becomes very important to write an essay on Internet

Essay on internet

The Internet represents today's modern era, which makes us aware that we are living our life in modern times because with the internet we are able to do things which seemed impossible 30 years ago.

Never before has a revolution in the world been so rapid with the development of the Internet,

Today, whether you want to talk to a person sitting from one corner of the world to another or send your messages or pictures, all is done in 1 second. And all this was only due to the internet

These examples are too small Due to internet, we can take any information of the world at home. And we don't have to go to anyone We can order our favorite goods with one click. Which was possible only due to the Internet.

But all this did not happen immediately, for this, the scientists worked hard and gave their precious time, due to which the Internet has become such a big thing in today's modern era.

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages If we talk about the benefits of internet, then it is countless It not only made our life easier, but also made the transaction so simple which was never there before,

But some people have become addicted to it Especially students and young people, they spend a lot of time on Internet products, social media and almost forget their real life. It is very dangerous.

We should use our time properly and understand the importance of time, only then we will be able to achieve our goal because time flows continuously like water. And does not come back once gone

Therefore, we should take good information from the Internet and use it properly.

short Essay on Internet for students

ᐅ BEST Essay About DISCIPLINE in English For Students

Someone has told the truth, to be successful in my life, it is very important to live in a good Discipline, especially in the student life, it becomes more important only then the teacher gives his students to write an essay on the discipline because he wants to That students can learn about Discipline and its benefits through Essay and become a good citizen,

If you are looking for Essay on Discipline, Those who not only impress you but also display your good image in front of your school teacher, So achieve this goal with the help of our best & short Discipline essay with value & importance in Student Life by checking paragraphs Below.


Discipline is the process which is followed by all important living things on earth or outside the earth Due to this balance of discipline, life is possible on the planet like earth for example our solar system follow the discipline planet rotate around the sun natural satellite rotate around the planet and this all phenomena follow the proper discipline which makes our life possible if then not follow proper discipline everything is and balance and we don't do anything in front of them

Even the animal follow the discipline of leader all main group member which has his experience to the risk and some other factor if some if some animal decided to do not follow discipline there is a chance that they did not survive for a long time

If we consider human beings example discipline is placed like meeting government office, theater etc. Is very important because if we don't follow the discipline in a place like that there is a high chance of miss happening.

Discipline describe Over Control of self and give instruction to the people that's how much you are mature in your life to tackle the hard and difficult situation

That is also one of the reasons why in the school college our teacher treat us about the discipline if in school we don't know about any discipline related think and when we grow there is always a chance that life becomes very complicated in the very simple situation,

Discipline important in student life is very high, this describes the character building quality and give an idea about how to focus properly and life difficult situation,

This is also why speech on discipline for children and student is organized in school level the purpose of this age to make student mind well defined,

Without discipline between school student and teacher, there is a high chance that respect decrease rapidly between both,

So we can say that discipline improve respect to each other

If we considered the discipline in our family you can realize that without discipline family member face problem related to understanding respecting doing work and also in case of happiness.

Discipline also important to the factory for an organization where lots of people work together to achieve the target of company or organization if they are not in the discipline

There is a chance that organization management disturb rapidly and the understanding between company owner-manager and the worker is not built so well.

That is why one reason is management branch of every company is established because one of the goals also maintaining discipline in staff member. if the deficit in the discipline come company note achieve is a target at the given time interval and lots of problems are faced by the company and this not affect the company but also affect today Staff member which is working in the company, from Boss to labor.

If we consider the progress of a country you can say that its depend on the upcoming generation which is likely to be the student of this country, if they are not properly prepare or well minded and not enough mature to handle the difficult situation in life, Future of this country is not good and the reason behind it lack discipline.

From all these things, we can say that having Discipline is very important in the life of the student only then that student will be successful and will be able to move forward in Life.

Tips for development of Human discipline

Discipline can be developed by the various method so today in the essay of discipline we discuss some basic tips on how to develop discipline in our life

Small start

First of all, when you're starting work project always choose the small target some people make mistake by choosing the big target in the starting of a project, this makes very difficult to follow the schedule of this type of target. And in the middle of long target Wien give up due to Fear of failure so always start with the small target this help you in maintaining discipline because when you are cheap the small target you motivate and realize you can do next target easily, also

Small target easily achievable and we focus and hard work better as compared to Large target because in the starting we know this is a small target and we can achieve it easily The reason behind it is our mind thinking.


Discipline can be developed easily with the help of meditation because when we meditate relax our mind and body due to this we focus on the target properly without any Fear of failure.

The person who did meditation regularly is always sealed up from other people, Meditation also improves thinking to the society level of thinking of a person which meditate is always good as compared to the other person.

Sleep properly

Discipline also, affect buy sleeping condition or sleeping time A person which sleeping time is not fixed And they sleep less or very high. This type of person attracts laziness and very diseases which always stop entry of discipline in life Show always sleep as well as possible not sleep very long or not sleep very short take imbalance between sleeping time.

Reward yourself

Discipline can be controlled through. When someone achieves reward for doing something in the next time they do more properly as compared to previous one so when you doing some good work or maintain discipline in doing something don't forget to give the reward of this No matter award is small or large.

Time management

Time management is very important to maintain discipline in life always make your time valuable and make a proper management of this Always calculate how much time you spend I'm doing something and what the output of spending time before going to the sleeping make sure realize the all activity which we do in the daytime if you think you make mistake by spending a lot of time by doing an important work correct it and improve your timetable.


Discipline in exercise or achieving discipline by doing exercise is very important Because when you doing exercise You always follow a schedule this help in the development of discipline Also exercise makers fit healthy and fast which remove the laziness and we know Removal of laziness is very important to achieving discipline in our life

Forget failure

Discipline affected by with failure if someone takes failure seriously They demotivate and not follow the path successfully But in actual Failure is part of success so forget the failure and focus on how to achieve the target in the next time

Eat healthily eat regularly

When we don't eat healthy food our body becomes unhealthy and this directly affects discipline capacity of our body and mind Because a healthy body doesn't contain enough power to follow the path of discipline Also the regular eating is also important it game power to doing work


When someone did not follow the discipline in school college and another institution in this case discipline is developed by taking help of counseling.

Expert person realize the behavior of indiscipline person and give valuable feedback and tips to parents and relative to how they can improve discipline in this type of person

So don't hesitate to the taking of counseling of improving discipline


Discipline is improved by the help of giving fear of suspension or suspension of indiscipline person this is followed in all places Due to this fear personal with scenes before doing any indiscipline work


Discipline is improved by punishing the person who did indiscipline work this method is especially for the college student and school student

But in recent time corporal punishment is ban or very less as compared to the previous time Also punishing someone is not the right way to improve discipline.

Importance of discipline in Student life

Student life is a very important part of any person life because in the student life we learn lots of about various thing in the first time and work thinking of understanding something is developing in this stage so discipline also very important in student life if a student develop proper discipline in his daily routine in the school life they are very high chance that they will carry it's true is online and this game always good result to his roll career so let's discuss some importance of discipline in student life.

Always focus

By adopting a proper discipline in student life give a focused mind and up focus thinking which gives a clear idea about what they need to become a well respective successful person

Receive respect

Discipline in student life make the student well perspective in front of everyone when a student gives respect to someone and also they receive respect and everyone love this type of student, especially teachers.

Make active

Discipline makes a student active in life because a proper timetable and proper sleeping is also a part of discipline and when they follow its please make active person which not feel laziness in doing something and also in receiving something valuable


Discipline also make the introduction to self and know self is very important to find our weakness and strength in the study also in other life activity


Discipline increase our interest to the education because a disciplined person knows the value of education and what they achieved through the education they also work in trusty in the education and score a good result in every stage of education

Stress-free mind

Today student face high level of stress during the exam and before starting of exam even in the result the reason behind is then not proper discipline in his life the focus only on study which is important but focusing on the other things of life is also important for example doing some exercise eat healthy food regularly this make a complete discipline person

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Short Essay on Computer Games For Students

Essay on Computer Games

Since computers were invented It has been continuously getting better and today it has become a part of our daily program And with this help, we can do many different kinds of work easily. Which has made our lifestyle very easy But today we will talk about the aspect of its entertainment or say games

Computer Games Essay

Computer games are famous all over the world and the industry has become worth billions of rupees. The reason is entertainment Everyone has to keep doing something to be active in their daily routine. And by playing games we forget all the fatigue and start having fun Because today's computer games are based on great graphics Which gives a lot of experience to the person playing them

Often students play online games with their friends to refresh their mood after studying Due to the recent Corona epidemic, when all the students and other people are sitting at home, computer games are playing a big role in their entertainment.

Many computer games like chess puzzle not only give us entertainment but also develop our mental development.

But like everything, computer games have a lot of disadvantages. In particular, we often forget about the bad effects on our body because there is very little physical activity in computer games. So our body starts being lazy

Apart from this, while playing the game, our entire focus is on the computer screen, which has a very bad effect on our eyes. Even due to computer games, they are unable to do their studies carefully and they get addicted.

Therefore, limited amount of computer games should be played and as much attention should be paid to physical games as possible, only then both our body and brain will be healthy, Because there is nothing better than health

Short Essay on BENEFITS OF SOCIAL MEDIA for Students

Benefits of Social Media Essay

Ever since the development of the Internet, our social life has changed completely. Ways to spend time with friends, which could not have been imagined 20 years ago, have become a reality today And social media has changed our routine completely Today we will tell about some positive aspects of social media.

Benefits of Social Media Essay

The biggest advantage of social media is that today we are directly connected to the different members of our family who are living in different places. By sharing photo videos on social media, we feel close while away from our friends.

Due to social media, every person has more freedom than ever to express his views. You can reach people of your ideology very easily, Which has increased the strength of democracy.

Due to social media, anyone can directly connect with their favorite person. For example, you can monitor the activities of various artists and leaders.

You can create viral content by showing your talent on social media And can be famous Because almost all social media platforms get permission to create an account for almost free, today there are thousands of people on platforms like YouTube Instagram who have become a celebrity and live a better life by making videos in different categories.

Many companies use social media to promote their products and their information. So that we get the information of that product correctly Even the reaction of the people who have used the product Already makes us understand its usefulness.

With the help of social media, many such incidents are revealed. Which many news channels cannot show Through which we get information about the situation of the people living in that area and we can help them.

With the help of social media, students of rural areas get study related material easily. And today even poor students can easily improve their life by sitting at home and preparing for a good job.

Short Essay on Space Exploration Advantages and Disadvantages for Students

Essay on Space Exploration Advantages and Disadvantages for Students

Space exploration is a subject in which every human is interested From childhood, growing up, we do not know how many questions we ask ourselves while looking at the stars in the sky. And this curiosity inspires us to know them better, This is why humans have been continuously developing such methods and resources for centuries to gather more information about space.

And it is the result of the hard work of scientists that today we have come so far that you have sent artificial satellites to different planets of the solar system. And have been able to deliver humans to the moon and space But everything has its advantages and disadvantages and today we will know about some of these advantages and disadvantages of space exploration.

Space Exploration Advantages and Disadvantages

The first disadvantage of space exploration is associated with the economy of any country because all the technologies related to space are very expensive and fragile in which there is a very high risk of loss. One wrong move can destroy both rockets and satellites worth crores of rupees. Some even argue That developing countries like India should also invest money to improve education and health services because India still has a lot of poverty.

Rockets known for space exploration consume a huge amount of fuel which goes on polluting huge amounts. Not only this, while reaching space, he leaves his non-essential devices in the outer orbit of the earth, which become a very small part of the waste and spread in space. And also fall in our seas, due to which the sea creatures eat them as food.

Many satellites are released into space, some countries use to monitor other countries. Which creates an atmosphere of mistrust in the world

Along with this, there are some great benefits of space exploration. The biggest advantage in this is knowing the planet Earth and the world in which we have been living for thousands of years. It tells us our reality where we came from.

Various missions sent to space are related to the medical field, which includes various types of research on the International Space Station. Which shows us the different effects on the human body by being in space Which we can get to know the human body better by comparing it with the data on earth

Many satellites are used for meteorological information. So that we can prepare accordingly in the coming time

Along with this, modern technology such as GPS map satellite TV was made possible due to the technology developed during space exploration.

We know that space is a very dangerous place and our Earth keeps circling the sun in such a dangerous place and various types of astroids constantly hit the earth, one of which astroid completely destroyed the dinosaur. By knowing more about space, we can make mankind aware of such dangers before

Problematic essay on global warming

It is irrefutable that global warming is one of the most worrying threads to our planet at the present time in fact it is turning into a tourist of a problem which need immediate attention before it get worse. This essay will examine the grounds why global warming is occurring and discuss some possible way out. 

The predominant factor resulting in in the warming of earth are the emission of co2 and deforestation. Co2 which damages the ozone layer come from services but the most problematic are those coming from burning of fossil fuel from power plant this releases 2010 of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year.  Another cases of these emission is the burning of of gasoline for transportation which contributes to increase because of our demand for car and also our increasing worldwide construction. To add to it forest store large amount of carbon so deforestation is casing large amount of co2 to remain in the atmosphere. 

Nevertheless, there are potential way to solve this problem or at least reduce the effects. firstly government need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel and promote alternative plant delivered plastic biodiesel wind power and solar power are all thing that are a step in right direction, however government need to inform the limit on CO2 emission for the polluting industries in their country for these to be effective.  Also individual can play a part by making lifestyle changes. People should try to buy car with the best fuel economy and only use the car one really necessary, they can also switch to energy companies that use renewable energy rather than fossil fuel. finally small things like burning energy-efficient light bulb turning of electricity in the house and planting tree in garden can help.

after examine both side of the issue it can be concluded that all through global warming is a grave issue however there are steps that government and individual can take to reduce its effect, solution are simple and pragmatic all we need is a strong willpower and awareness among the masses to solve it if we are to save our planet it is important that this is treated as a priority for all concerned.

essay on problem case by increasing population

Population enhancement has become a bane for the countries around the world. population should be there but overdose of it will become an obstacle in the development of country. The whole globe is experience drastic incline in population. this is main reason of the problem not only for poor under developed country but also for industrialized and developing nation this will explain both the problem and solution in upcoming paragraph.

To begin with, the the first and foremost problem that basic need of human life will not be fulfilled because of the increasing population. apart from that proper health service cannot be a lot to the individual on the society in addition to it government will not be able to allot the facility equally to all the public for example it is found in survey that nearly 17 percent of people remain illiterate because of increase in population. To add to it crime rate also in hensing at an alarming rate. People are not able to get a job and start to do robbery just to get money. Most of the individual being to take drugs and lead like a dog life.

As every lock has a key similarly the problem of the population can also be solved there are are lots of remedies available firstly government should run awareness program to reduce the rate of population in the country moreover government should impose tax rate on the demons who have more than two children it will definitely help to solve the problem. The life of people will become bed of roses for them. However 1 swellow does not make a summer so it is clear that the responsibility of controlling the population is not only lies with the government.

To recapitulate, overpopulation has become a problem so proper steps should be taken to cure it the economy of country will erase and unemployment will be reduced. The proper resource will not available to the country so it is more clear that how population can case problem.

[NEW] 200 Words Essay on Discipline for Class Student

Discipline world may be defined as how you describe yourself sincerely naturally respectively in front of someone or in front of society.

Well, disciplined culture of a person is receiving respect from the ancient time and indiscipline person always not like by anyone no matter they are family member friend or other people.

So we can say discipline as a symbol of respect because it gives respect there are lots of parameter of judging the person is well discipline or not if we go to school life the first symbol of discipline is our dressing sense.

A clean Design Dress build mind thinking a person who respects his dress always build their respect in front of other and even in his mind

Thinking next one is the behavior of the student, this really matters in receiving respect and giving respect if two person is good from hurt but one behaves well and takes seriously other person talk but other not behave well and always in seriousNess even case of the important topic.

First, one person receives good respect an impression because they explain its discipline very well

Another factor which plays important role in discipline is time management going to someplace like the school with proper time really matter that's why a proper timing of opening and closing of every Institute is decided cause this gives long-term understanding to the student how much time is important in our life.

New 100 Word Short discipline essay for class 3,4,5, Student

Discipline is very important in our life and it built from childhood that's why in the school, various type of activity which is related to discipline is performed one of them is giving the assignment of writing the essay on the discipline, We understand this so, after doing lots of research we write various type of essay on discipline with different word length which make your work easy.

essay on discipline (100 word)

Discipline word Origins from the Latin word disciplus the meaning of that in self-control. The word self-control used for a person which obtain the control to its mind strength of decision taken and the represent Property in front of someone, Basically, discipline is a training of any person to achieve correct moral character which is ideal to the society.

This training is very important in every person life to build a proper well working system throw all the institution organization, Company, School and even in the family Discipline give very important and helpful result in our life,

like increase focusing power, for giving respect in every stage in the life.

In student life discipline play very important role and due to this important of discipline various method is adopted which gave discipline in our life, Some of the examples of this method is respect between teacher and student also the dressing in school timetable in the school homework and even some other thing this all things combine together to make a well-defined discipline person which is very important for a progressive country.

NEW 300 Word Value of Discipline Essay For School Student

Discipline describe our focus to goal when we maintain proper timetable for our various activities like study, eating playing game, Sports etc

The timetable is part of discipline they help very well toward the focusing of our goal and indiscipline person never prepare well towards its goal.

Desecration behind in an indiscipline person is laziness when a person is not disciplined in life and activity they attract lots of laziness toward yourself which force to stop them before achieving its target, discipline is very important in every field of life and every place that's why from school college government job to Army all places are cover with discipline teacher always teach lesson about discipline.

Even in the family, the value of discipline is very high.  a family member which do its work with proper discipline receives the respect from other family members they involved the disciplined person to the important family decision.

Also other benefits in stress free life, we know today an unhealthy lifestyle is part of the majority of person but we can oppose it, by maintaining discipline in our activity like we'll concert discipline standard what we eat what we drink what we do or what we don't do this make our body healthy and healthy body is always in stress free position.

Discipline increase our attention and interest when we doing some work this give the boost to our target because when we did things with interest and attention they increase our chance of success.

discipline also very matter in sports play with maintain discipline in the ground always respect from audience and from other team member even from the opposition team discipline can make your role model of someone the good example of this is Army soldier with always indiscipline in his life no matter they are on duty full of Duty due to this discipline culture other people give example of soldier and this make real-life role model of someone so from all of these examples and statement we can say discipline is very important in our life.