Younger Customers' Desire for the New Coca-Cola Drink Trend

One of the world's largest and most popular beverage companies has long been Coca-Cola. Despite the fact that the company was first known for its signature drink, it has since grown significantly.

According to Statista, Coca-Cola has become the third-largest beverage company in the world since the first Coca-Cola was sold 136 years ago.

A list of the company's200+ brand names can be found on their website, which includes Dasani water and Minute Maid juice.

In spite of making so much money with its current brands, the massive beverage company is constantly looking for new ways to keep Coke fans happy and loyal and, of course, win over the fans of its competitors as well

As new trends and interests emerge, Coca-Cola keeps a close eye on what consumers might want more of, and its next big idea might just be the opposite of a hot take.

As a company, Coca-Cola is taking a risk. Frozen drinks are being used as a means of "recruiting the next generation" of customers for the brand.

In the Frozen Beverage Industry, Coca-Cola Is Expanding

According to the brand's North American foodservice director, Meredith Cagigal, who spoke to Food Dive, the brand's expansion into frozen drinks is aimed at attracting a younger audience.

Frozen beverage sales aren't the company's "largest" area, but Cagigal says the company can still gain a lot of new customers by focusing on where consumers are going and where they'll be.

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