List of Black Cats to Adopt

Black cats are the most likely to be abandoned & adopted from shelters. There's no good justification for it, & it's unfortunate. Black cats have been associated with good luck in Egyptian.

This intelligent black cat breed is robust. They have a bobbed tail & enjoy to play. Bobtails are chubby, loving, & loyal. If you want a cat who likes leash walks or gets along with your dog, choose a Bobtail. Wondering how to stroll your cat?


The American Curl black cat breed has ears that curl back, giving it a continuously shocked face like a small lion. Curls follow their owners around the house & even into the bathroom if allowed. Curls are active & funny.


Shorthairs have huge eyes & ears, flattened features, & curling cat smiles. This black cat breed came to America on the Mayflower & has been a working cat & pet ever since. Even-tempered & calm with all ages.


Bombay cats are all black, making them one of the purest cat breeds. Because of their lustrous, short-haired coats & orange or gold eyes, these cats are dubbed miniature black panthers or parlour panthers.


British Shorthairs are old black cat breeds. Their robust bodies, thick coats, huge eyes, & cuddliness make them resemble teddy bears. They purr, making them even cuter. They're larger cats that can be clumsy.

British Shorthair

These thin black cats have curly coats, large noses, and big bat ears. Their lamb-like coat is robust and athletic despite their tiny frame. Cornish Rex cats are smart and love to play. Common cat myths:


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