Drink Your Way to Calm Without the Hangover

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Statista says tea is the world's second most popular beverage. The first is water (essential for life). From Japanese tea ceremonies to Indian chai wallahs to British Earl Grey, cultures around the world enjoy this warm refreshment.

True Tea vs. Herbal

Help Ease Your Anxie(teas)


Different seasons and even different times of day may call for different types of tea. In this season of uncertainty, teas to help with anxiety are needed more than ever. Would a beer ease the tension in your shoulders for a short while? Maybe. Would that glass of red help you momentarily forget your troubles? Possibly.

Herbal and fruity, chamomile is a crucial ingredient in the combination of herbs and spices for Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea. Caffeine-free, chamomile tea is derived from a daisy-like flower, with a yellow center and delicate white petals

Chamomile Tea

Green Tea

Originating in China during the reign of the Tang Dynastygreen tea can leave even the most devoted tea drinker a bit dissatisfied if not brewed properly. Floral, nutty, with the potential to taste bittersweet, green tea has nevertheless stood the test of time

Lavender Tea

Although studies are limited, there is evidence that lavender oil has the properties of an anxiolytic agent. While lavender oil isn’t for consumption, lavender buds, steeped for tea, have a sweet fragrance with lemon or citrus notes.

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