Which Zodiac Signs are Most Insecure?

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5) Aquarius

You wouldn't expect one of the most independent zodiac signs to be one of the most insecure, but the Aquarius personality is more sensitive than it appears.

They enjoy using a condescending and patronizing tone to communicate with people since they are extremely intelligent. This is merely a component of their ruse.

4) Pisces

A Pisces will have a good outlook as long as they have a close friend or family member to confide in. However, when they are alone, they begin to question their own abilities.

With no one to confide in, these feelings of inadequacy can swiftly escalate.

3) Libra

If you look at the characteristics of the zodiac sign Libra, it's easy to understand that their habits are influenced by a deep sense of insecurity.

In group situations, Libras are continually striving to please the majority and gain social approval, as they are unsure of their own evaluations.

2) Virgo

Virgos are known for their intellect and skill, so it's surprising that they've risen to the top of this list despite their tendency to be harsh with others. 

Finding peace with the knowledge that they can't change certain aspects of themselves can be a difficult realization for some people.

1) Cancer

Cancer is the most vulnerable zodiac sign when it comes to insecurity. They value the opinions of others greatly and tend to take criticisms personally.

This sign requires frequent encouragement from family and friends to prevent the buildup of fears.

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