What Separates Farmed and Wild Shrimp?

The seafood industry has changed in recent decades. Once, consumers assumed the fish they ate was wild-caught by fishing boats. Now, aquaculture, or fish farms, are just as likely.

FAO estimates that half of the seafood consumed worldwide comes from aquaculture.

Aquaculture, a rapidly growing food sector, has contributed to the easy availability of shrimp in the U.S.

China, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia produce most of the world's aquacultured shrimp.

Whatever the source, Americans love shrimp. Shrimp is the most popular U.S. seafood, per SeafoodSource. In 2017, Americans ate 4.4 pounds of shrimp each.

What's the difference between wild and farmed shrimp? Compare options so you can choose wisely.

The Truth About Farmed Shrimp

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