What Is The Sweetest Variety Of Watermelon?

Summertime watermelons are sweet. One of the best ways to enjoy summer is to thump a melon, decide it's ripe, and take it home to share with friends and family.

Watermelon buyers may inspect the tail for a dried-up brown stem, which indicates the melon was left on the vine long enough to ripen and develop natural sugars.

The Ohio State University's Agricultural Research and Development Center says the higher the Brix value of watermelon, the sweeter it is. Other flavours can overpower sweetness in some foods, but not in watermelon.

Watermelon growers can use a refractometer or Brix metre to determine harvest time.

According to Washington State University's Vegetable Research and Extension, 8.3 Brix is sweet and 9.0 Brix is very sweet, but some watermelon varieties are sweeter than others.

Washington State University (WSU) tested a variety of watermelons to find the sweetest.

Sweetest By Size

Gardening Channel explains watermelon weight categories. Mini or personal watermelons weigh about 5 pounds. Ten-pound iceboxes are slightly larger. Picnic varieties weigh 10-15 pounds.

Sweetest By Size

WSU found that the Pony Yellow, a yellow-fleshed melon, has the highest Brix value. Super Gold tops the icebox category with 12.8 Brix.

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