Best kids' weightlifting routine

My kids accompany me to my garage gym. (Before we had a home gym, they stole dumbbells & yoga balls I believed I bought for myself.) 

How can I get them to exercise regularly? I finally got it. My three kids are 6-12. He wants to get stronger for the sports he plays and is organised enough to establish a daily regimen. 

He gets bored or frustrated when I coach him through an exercise. (Imagine "are we there yet?" as "how many sets are left?") I'd prefer he enjoy himself & create a habit than train him properly.

The younger ones are in it for fun, which is fantastic, but they'll wander into the gym when I'm lifting & demand a workout. 

I wanted a lifting routine that was easy enough to recommend on the spot. 

Yet engaging & fascinating enough to stop grumbling while I worked out. I've found it.

Every exercise is done twice for ten reps. Squat, hinge, push, pull, & carry are always five exercises.

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