Navy study on Hawaii's polluted water breeds mistrust

"Releasing a report saying they lied to us isn't trust-building," he said. Defueling & permanently removing the tanks.

Lauren Wright doesn't trust the water in her family's U.S. Navy residence in Hawaii. 

Wright, her sailor husband, & their three children, aged 8 to 17, were among the thousands who got sick after gasoline poured into Pearl Harbor's tap water.

The family has returned to their military home after months in Honolulu hotels, but they still take short showers. Nobody drinks or cooks with tap water.

Navy report blames poor management & human error for fuel leak & water catastrophe. Native Hawaiians, authorities, & military families say the study doesn't restore Navy trust.

Wright hoped for repentance for the families & everyone involved. Kamanamaikalani Beamer, a former trustee of the Commission on Water Resource Management.

It is said by Hawaii people & officials have questioned the safety of the large petroleum storage tanks since World War II. Her perspective of the military has evolved since her husband joined a decade ago.

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