Vice President Kamala Harris has Covid

On Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris tested positive for Covid-19 after a week in California.

"I got COVID-19 today. If I don't get sick, I'll keep isolating and following CDC I'm glad I've been vaccinated twice "Harris tweeted Tuesday.

Harris tested positive for Covid-19 on rapid and PCR tests, according to the vice president's press secretary Kirsten Allen.

 Allen said Harris "will isolate and work from the vice president's residence."

"Due to their recent travels, she has not been in close contact with the President or First Lady

She will follow CDC guidelines and her doctors' advice. When she tests negative, the Vice President will return "Added she

Harris was to be briefed on intelligence at 10:15 a.m. ET Tuesday at the White House, according to daily press briefings sent out Monday evening. 

According to a White House official, she did not attend any events or meetings on Tuesday.

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