Chi Modu's estate sues Universal for posting a Tupac photo.

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Sophia Modu, estate trustee, sued Universal Music after its blog article "Best Tupac Songs: 26 Essential Tracks" The site credited Universal Music Archives for the Tupac shot, not Chi Modu. 

Originally published on June 16, 2019, UMG & the site were issued with a cease & desist on February 9, 2022, before republishing on Tupac's birthday. 

The complaint claims Modu's estate threatened a lawsuit & "Defendants failed to reply adequately." 

UMG & 10 anonymous co-defendants are being sued for copyright infringement.

The complaint further contends the defendants profited from the copyrighted work & "violated 17 U.S.

Code 1202 by deleting Modu's copyright indication from the photograph before publishing it."

The estate wants a jury trial & damages of up to $150,000 per breach.

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