This is the first image of the Milky Way's black hole.

The supermassive black hole at the heart of our galaxy's dark core has finally been imaged.

This is the first look at our Milky Way black hole, Sagittarius A*, an international team of astronomers and researchers announced on Thursday.

Sgr A* is pronounced sadge ay star. MIT says its mass is 4 million times that of the sun and its distance is 27,000 light years.

Black holes have long fascinated the public, but they are notoriously difficult to study due to their strong gravitational fields that either bend or stop light from escaping.

Their strong effects on their surroundings have allowed scientists to detect and study them.

Sgr A* was discovered after scientists discovered stars orbiting the Milky Way's core.

Now they can see the "gentle giant" itself, according to astronomer Feryal zel of the University of Arizona.

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