Things Not Do While Staying in Hotel

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1) Not Inspecting the room

Even the best hotels and housekeepers overlook places. Check the bed and bathroom when you arrive.

2) Sneaking in your pets

Unless it's a pet-friendly hotel, don't bring your pets. Unless you want a large cost, don't bring your pet.

3) Breaking glass & lying

Accidents do happen, of course. A failure to speak up can actually affect future employees or guests.

4) Cheating the minibar

Don't try to get around the minibar by grabbing a bottle of booze and substituting it for a Coke that is much less expensive. People who do this get charged.

5) Touching surfaces

The dirtiest things in a hotel room are usually those that are used the most. From the floorboards to the doorknobs, it's everything here. 

6) Asking for an early check-in

If you want your room to be the first to be cleaned, you must request this service well in advance. On the day of the event, it's usually too late to ask.

7) Expecting cleaned room immediately

Housecleaning crews need at least three or four hours to get the job done, no matter how efficient they are.

8) Not looking for bedbugs

Be sure to check the bed for bedbugs before you get comfortable. They're tiny, disgusting, and may be found in some of the world's most luxurious hotels.

9) Using Wifi for sensitive work

In a hotel, you should always use caution when using your computer. Sending personal or financial information via public Wi-Fi should be avoided at all costs.

10) Stealing the bathrobes

Avoid this at all costs, or you could end up with an unexpected charge on your credit card. As a bonus, it's unseemly and disrespectful.

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