These Are The Best Low-Carb Vegetables to Add to Your Dinner ASAP

There are many reasons to follow a low-carb diet, such as a keto diet or a low-carb diet for weight loss (though we don't recommend a no-carb diet). Low-carb snacks and meals should include the best low-carb vegetables for satiety, fibre, and nutrients. We asked experts to recommend the best low-carb vegetables.

Bell peppers are year-round and versatile, says Phipps. Raw with dip, stir-fried with veggies and protein, or in sauces. 100 grammes of chopped red bell peppers have 7 grammes of carbs.

1) Capsicum

Phipps suggests adding mushrooms to sandwiches, tacos, and meat mixtures to boost plant-based content. 100 grammes of chopped crimini mushrooms have 4 grammes of carbs and cancer-fighting properties.

2) Mushrooms

Broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts can be added to almost any savoury recipe, Phipps says. Broccoli has 5 grammes of carbohydrates per cup, and cauliflower has fibre, choline, vitamin K, and vitamin C.

3) Cruciferous veggies

These leafy greens are high in nutrients and low in carbohydrates, says Phipps. One cup of kale has 1 gramme of carbs, fibre, vitamin C, folate, and B vitamins.

4) Leafy greens

Avocados are a fruit, but Phipps included them because they're high in fat and fibre but low in carbs. She says they help you feel full and add flavour and fat. A half-avocado has 6g of carbs. Try avocado toast or avocado mousse.

5) Avocado

Frozen zucchini adds creamy texture and fibre to smoothies, says Harris-Pincus. One medium zucchini has 6 grammes of carbs, plus vitamin A, C, potassium, magnesium, and more. Recipes for zucchini.

6) Zucchini

Cucumber slices in a half-cup only contain about 2 grammes of carbs. A Honeydew-Cucumber Slushie is a refreshing drink you can make with them.

7) Cucumbers

Green Beans with Almond Gremolata may become our new go-to side dish. Just 5 grammes of carbohydrates are found in a cup of green beans.

8) Green beans

Boil or roast these spring vegetables. Salmon & Asparagus Sheet Pan or Pickled Asparagus Stems for leftovers. Asparagus has 4 grammes of carbs per half-cup.

9) Asparagus

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