Surprisingly Protein-Dense Vegetables: Meet the 23

Vegetables are good for you, say doctors and dietitians worldwide. Vegetables contain satiating fibre, disease-fighting antioxidants, and important vitamins and minerals that boost your performance.

Soy bean pods. Flaky sea salt and soy sauce make them snackable. 11 grammes of protein per cup.

1) Edamame

Another veg? 1/2 cup of pinto beans has 7g of protein. Mix them with rice, chilli, or tacos like any other bean.

2) Pinto Beans

Broad, white beans contain 8 grammes of protein per half cup. They're high in fibre, like all beans.

3) Navy Beans

Peas, please! You'll get 5 grammes of protein if you eat about 3/4 cup of these little green guys.

4) Peas

One gramme of protein is found in every cup of fresh spinach. Yes, it's not a lot, but four cups of spinach in a salad counts for something.

6) Spinach

The 17 grammes of protein in a single bunch of this bitter green is impressive, but admittingly, it's a lot of broccoli raab. The amount of nutrients you'll get from just half of a bunch is sufficient, however.

7) Broccoli Raab

There are about 4 grammes of protein and the same amount of fibre in a cup of boiled cruciferous vegetables

8) Brussels Sprouts

These white mushrooms, also known as shiitakes, have 3 grammes of protein per cup. Aside from the fact that mushrooms are a fungus, they're actually a vegetable.

9) Button Mushrooms

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