Unexpected drink that causes bloating

Bloating can be caused by eating too fast, snacking before bed, or consuming an indigestion-causing food or beverage. We asked health experts about a drink you may not think causes bloating.

How Diet Sodas Can Cause Or Worsen Bloating

It's a common misconception that diet soda doesn't have the same health risks as sugary sodas. Many diet sodas contain unknown or unfamiliar chemicals in place of sugar, which can lead to weight gain and disease.

These carbonated drinks can cause bloating, says Escobar. If you frequently bloat and drink diet sodas, Escobar suggests "removing them from your diet and seeing how you feel."

Diet sodas contain "harmful chemicals" that can cause premature ageing, bloating, and inflammation, says Rosen.

Chemicals like phosphorus, potassium, and caffeine can damage cells in the body, she says.

 Rosen adds that these drinks are "loaded with empty calories" "Water or unsweetened tea will help your skin and overall health," she says.

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