The Secret Ingredient For A More Delicious Chili

Chili, with its meat, beans, and tomatoes, is more of a fall or winter meal than a summer one. But that doesn't mean chilli has no place in summer, right?

What's better than chilli on grilled hot dogs? A crockpot of chilli at a Fourth of July barbecue is always welcome.

There are many chilli recipes. You can make beer chilli or a simple, 5-ingredient chilli. According to What's Cooking, America, Lyndon Johnson liked Pedernales River Chili. 

 You can find a chilli recipe that suits your tastes. Cheese, bread, and burritos are all options.

According to Lifehacker, chilli needs pepper jelly. Lifehacker's Claire Lower accidentally added a quarter cup of ancho chilli powder to her chilli, making it very hot

Chili with pepper jelly

While the jelly didn't fully temper the heat, it added a sweet tanginess and gave the chilli a more "well-rounded" flavour than the ancho chilli powder.

Making pepper jelly is easy if you can't find it. A simple hot pepper jelly requires white vinegar, sweet red pepper, seeded habanero peppers, sugar, and liquid fruit pectin, according to Taste of Home.

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