The Most Effective Weight Loss Workout To Do at Home

"Today I don't want to exercise." Even trainers fall into this trap. Mentally committing to working out is difficult. We waste so much time and brainpower convincing ourselves why we can't exercise when we could have completed a "mini-workout"

Starting a workout with a plank really heats up the body. Hands under shoulders, hip-width feet. Your heels should be driving back, your hips in line with your shoulders, and your abs in. Hold this position for 30 seconds as you breathe into your rib cage and exhale out your mouth.

1. Straight Arm Plank

Pushups work your core, chest, and arms. Set up by placing your hands wider than your shoulders and elbows out to the sides. You can do them with bent knees and together feet or straight legs. Two rounds of 10 reps and 10 pulses.

2. Pushup

Next, try this arm-toning exercise. Sit with bent knees and flat feet. Fingertips should face your glutes. Lift your hips, press your feet down, and roll your weight over your wrists.

3. Reverse Pushup

For lean thighs and glutes, try my favourite squat. Toes pointed, feet wider than hips. Hands to heart Lower your hips to your knees and press your knees back.

4. Second-wide squat

This exercise accentuates glutes quickly. Lie on your back with bent knees and flat feet. Your fingertips should touch your heels. Relax your shoulders and activate your forearms and palms. Engage glutes, hamstrings, and abs by pushing through your feet.

5. Glute Bridge

Obviously, you need a cardio burst to keep burning fat. Start in a straight-arm plank position and alternate bringing one knee to your chest and out again until you are "running." Faster is better. 30-second move break

6. Mountain Climber

Core work completes any workout. On your back, place your hands behind your head and elbows wide. Lift your left shoulder blade off the floor and bend your right leg. Keep your left leg straight and on the floor.

7. Bicycle

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