The 8 Different Types of Headaches!

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1) Wraps around your head: Tension headache

Tension headaches cause squeezing or agonizing discomfort around the head. Because headaches are no fun, consider adopting some healthy habits.

2)  Pain in face: Sinus headache

If your eyes and cheeks hurt, you may have sinusitis. Migraines are the most common cause of facial pain, so these are unusual.

3) Sudden pain anywhere in your head: Thunderclap headache

Thunderclap headaches are one of the warning signals that your headache is more serious.

4) Behind your eye: Cluster headache

Cluster headaches feel like something is prodding behind the eye. These are called Suicide headaches as these are extremely painful.

5) Top of head and/or face: Allergy headache

Sinus headaches are seasonal and accompanied by runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes.

6) Stabbing pain on one side: Airplane headache

Airplane pressure changes trigger them. Stress management, hydration, and OTC painkillers can reduce your risk.

7) Anywhere around your head: Exercise headache

Exercise headaches can occur if the pain in the head is provoked by a certain activity (exercise, orgasm). These can last from a few minutes to few days.

8) One side of your head: Migraine

If the pain is localized to one side of your head (either the left or the right) and feels throbbing or pulsing, it's probably a migraine.

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