The 25 Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2022

AKC releases a list of the most popular dog breeds each year. How do they choose from 197 cute breeds? The ranking is based on AKC registration statistics for the previous year, not subjective categories like most loyal dog breeds, calm dog breeds, or best dogs for kids, although you'll see representatives from those categories on the list.

Labradors have been America's favourite dog for 31 years. Labrador retrievers are one of the most common dog breeds, so you probably see them everywhere. You may even see them working as rescue, guide, and therapy dogs.

Labrador retriever

With your wrinkled face and bat-like ears, you had us at "bonjour" The Frenchie is more than just a pretty face; it loves people, other animals, and itself. Dogs of few words (or barks) A French bulldog is an alert four-legged guard dog that will let you know if someone is at the door. It shows affection with licks and shimmies. We love the Frenchie's face, but short-nosed breeds need summertime care.

2. French bulldog

If a golden retriever had a profile, it might say "hopelessly devoted" One of the best dogs to own, golden retrievers are empathetic and compassionate. They're happy with young, active children, but are also one of the best dogs for seniors. As with all dogs, they need exercise, but they're open to anything—long walks or retrieving balls in the backyard.

3. Golden retriever

German shepherds are smart, protective, athletic, versatile, and active. Add a few more you might not know. Smell-driven. German shepherds are valued police K-9s who sniff out drugs and bombs. It's smart and easy to train. You should also be devoted. German shepherds are popular because they love their human and pet families unconditionally.

4. German shepherd

Why people like poodles? Their curls. Oh, hair. Poodles don't have fur, which may reduce allergic reactions. Those curlicues require upkeep. Brush and comb poodles every other day and clip every six weeks. But they're also one of the smartest, most playful, and loving breeds. It comes in standard, miniature, and toy sizes.

5. Poodle

There are many bulldog breeds, but we're talking about the British "English" bulldog. As with other flat-faced dog breeds, they have cute wrinkles, a "sour mug," and stout bodies. Bulldogs have a chill vibe. Undeniably sweet, reliable, and predictable. They enjoy lounging but also short, brisk walks if it's not too hot or cold.

6. Bulldog

The beagle was originally bred to hunt in packs, so it gets along well with the other popular breeds on this list. Today, they still love people and make good family pets. Playful beagles have a nose for fun and adventure. When they smell something interesting, they run off and ignore your calls to come back. They're vocal and often bark, howl, or bay.

7. Beagle

These guard dog breeds may not seem friendly or loyal at first glance, but they are. They are aloof with strangers because they want to protect their family. Socialization and slow introductions help rottweilers make friends. One of the smartest dog breeds, they don't like to relax.

8. Rottweiler

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