Things we can learn about Skin Care

Mori ancestors arrived in New Zealand from Polynesia 800 years ago.

Until then, the country's lush forests had millions of years to flourish, unspoiled, creating its pristine scenery.

New Zealand's glaciers, mountains, & volcanoes make amazing desktop backgrounds & movie sets. They also create great skin care.

Elizabeth Barbalich, founder & CEO of Antipodes, says New Zealand's low population density & distance mean it has unpolluted environment.

Fertile soil, clear air, & clean rain yield skin-enhancing trees & plants.

"We're lucky to have access to local vegetation." These include the manuka tree, which offers us world-famous manuka honey, harakeke flax gel, mamaku black fern, & kawakawa," she adds.

New Zealanders are committed to conserving their natural resources since their skin-care tradition is centred on plant healing.

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