Secret Side Effects of Eating Mango, Says Dietitian

There's a lot to love about mangoes.

Let's kick off with an important point: The mango typically is good for you. When you pick one up, D'Alessandro says you're stocking up on an "overall nutrient-dense food" that contains various forms of phytonutrients, which she describes as "health-supportive chemical compounds" that are found in many plants. You can learn more about phytonutrients here.

Mangoes may be good for your heart.

When you slice into this yummy stone fruit, you're accessing a powerful source of potassium. D'Alessandro explains that the mango is a "potassium-rich food" that can "help offset high-sodium intake and manage high blood pressure

But, mangoes come with some interesting side effects.

The mango is not a free-for-all fruit for everyone

Mango may cause a spike in blood sugar.

D'Alessandro says mango can spike blood sugar, as the fruit is mostly carbohydrates. "Even natural fruit sugars may act like refined sugar in large amounts," she explains.

Mango could cause some tummy upset.

"Excess consumption of mango might cause some GI distress since it's high in fermentable carbohydrates," D'Alessandro says

D'Alessandro points out that GI problems aren't always a result of eating mango; in fact, in some cases, it may actually help

On the other hand…

The mango is full of essential vitamins and minerals, including for plant-based eaters.

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