Mother's Day Breakfast In Bed Recipes

Serve up a delicious leisurely breakfast in bed for Mother's Day! Breakfast in bed recipes for Mother's Day are sure to pamper Mom and show her how much she is appreciated!

1. Homemade Belgian Waffles

Treat Mom to the most heavenly light and fluffy Belgian waffles with your Dash Mini Maker! What makes these waffles unique? With a dash of cinnamon and vanilla for flavour, delicate whipped egg whites are folded into the batter for an airy texture.

2. Light And Fluffy Copycat IHOP Pancakes

Calling all homemade pancake enthusiasts, this one is for you! A short stack of these light and fluffy copycat IHOP pancakes drizzled in real maple syrup will surely put a smile on Mom’s face this Mother’s Day

3. Classic Eggs Benedict

Want to serve Mom an elegant and decadent meal this Mother’s Day? A classic eggs Benedict is an extraordinary breakfast treat that will leave Mom feeling like she just dined at her favorite restaurant.

4. Baked Egg Crepes

Similar to pancakes without the leavening agent, crepes are one of those quick morning essential dishes that anyone can whip up in a matter of minutes. 

5. Oven-Baked Dutch Baby

A Dutch baby pancake also referred to as a German pancake, is a large American popover. This savory golden brown oven-baked pancake is light and fluffy, but it is also thicker than most traditional pancakes cooked over a stovetop

6. The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

Grab some generously sized fluffy, buttery croissants from your local bakery, then lightly toast them in the oven.

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