President Biden to sign order on abortion access

Three people familiar with the matter say President Biden will take executive action Friday to protect abortion access after the Supreme Court ended a constitutional right to the procedure two weeks ago.

Sources say Biden will speak Friday morning on protecting access to reproductive health care. The actions he was expected to outline are meant to mitigate some potential penalties women seeking abortions may face after the ruling, but cannot safeguard abortion access nationwide

Biden is expected to instruct the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services to fight efforts to limit women's access to abortion medication and cross-state abortion services.

Before Biden's actions were announced, people spoke anonymously about them.

Biden's executive order will also direct agencies to educate medical providers and insurers about sharing privileged patient information with authorities, protecting women who seek or use abortion services.

He'll also ask the FTC to protect online users seeking reproductive care information.

The order, which comes two weeks after the high court's June 24 ruling that ended the nationwide right to abortion, comes as Biden faces criticism from some in his own party for not acting with more urgency to protect women's access to abortion.

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