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Do you have action film talent? Yes? You're not alone. A recent survey found that 60% of Americans feel they could be action movie stars with proper training & finances.

People are positively inspired by action heroes. 35% of study participants say action movies influence their fitness objectives, while 57% say the appropriate one would drive them.

Action movies influence fitness objectives

22% of respondents like to be completely focused while working out, while 40% prefer a distraction. 19% of respondents need something to distract them from exercise.

71% prefer music over audiobooks & 55% prefer video games as workout distractions. 35% of music-lovers play it throughout every workout, & 66% construct a personal playlist so they can exercise to a decent beat.

71% of respondents listen to music while exercising.

Alpha Lion's VP of Science & Innovation Drew Peters says, "Music is powerful. Music catches attention, promotes work production, heightens arousal, & boosts performance, according to study.

68% of participants workout in sync with the music.

It's the world's most popular ergogenic supplement." 68% of participants work out in sync with the music, & 62% play the same song on a loop. Not everyone loves music & exercise.

The workout itself is the most significant component of exercising, because research links happiness & physical activity. 37% of people who are entirely active & "extremely content" with their lives are active, while 10% of sedentary people are "very unsatisfied".

37% of people are active & overall happy.

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