Play some friendly competition in Nintendo Switch Sports!

In the latest Wii SportsTM release, you can play solo or against friends in six sports: soccer, volleyball, bowling, tennis, badminton, and chambara (which is a type of swordplay).

“I've never played a sport,” you say. Can I still play?” Absolutely! Intuitive motion controls allow you to hit the lanes (or court, field, etc.) regardless of your experience level.

In Nintendo Switch Sports, you can play soccer solo or with friends**.

Shoot-Out*** pits you against one opponent on a single Nintendo Switch system.

Each player gets five attempts to score a goal. Use the Leg Strap accessory to kick a huge ball into ever-shrinking goals.

Online**** with your crew, or play 4 v 4 with a friend on the same system. The team that scores the most points in three minutes wins.

One-on-One: You and a friend can compete to see who can score the most points in two minutes.

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