Old-Fashioned Diner Foods We'll Never Stop Eating

Chicken fried steak is made with cube steak, not chicken (most often tenderised top round or top sirloin). Battered and fried, it's delicious with creamy gravy and is called "country fried steak" in some US regions.

Chicken Fried Steak

Meatloaf is a popular American comfort food. Many diners serve this hearty, comforting dish. It's easy to make and inexpensive. This diner-style recipe uses tangy homemade BBQ sauce.


Western omelettes are filling thanks to egg protein and savoury ingredients like ham, bell peppers, and onions. This easy recipe bakes an omelette for the whole family.

Western Omelet

Cheeseburgers are irresistible. Most diners served grilled foods on a gas-fueled flat top, but you can easily make them on a regular grill. This nostalgic recipe features caramelised onions and secret sauce.

Secret-sauce cheeseburger

Jersey fries are unmatched. Disco Fries are New Jersey's version of Quebec's poutine.

Jersey Disco Fries

Diner classic corned beef hash. This hearty side is delicious topped with fried eggs. Try this easy recipe.

The Hash

Tuna melts are a popular diner and after-school snack. This 20-minute tuna melt uses canned tuna and sharp cheddar cheese.

Tuna melt

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