T. rex-like tiny arms were found in new dinosaur species.

Researchers in Argentina have discovered a new species of dinosaur with disproportionately short arms resembling Tyrannosaurus rex's.

Meraxes gigas was 11 metres (36 feet) long and weighed more than four tonnes, according to a study published Thursday in Current Biology.

The area was hot and humid with many waterways and large trees. Juan Canale of Argentina's Ernesto Bachmann Paleontological Museum told CNN.

In the past 30 years, many Carcharodontosauridae fossils have been found, but little is known about their skull, forearms, or feet.

Artist's rendering of Meraxes gigas. Papolio“For the first time, we know a lot about these giant carnivorous dinosaurs' anatomy,” Canale said.

Researchers found an almost complete forelimb, allowing them to conclude that M. gigas had tiny arms for such a large dinosaur, a trait shared with T. rex that has long puzzled palaeontologists.

They also found an almost complete skull and foot, which shed light on how this group of dinosaurs evolved, said Canale. There was a trend toward larger body sizes, larger skulls, and smaller arms in proportion to the body.

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