NEW Anti-Aging Secret KORRES Wild Rose

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As I near my (ahem) late 30s, I'm more aware of wrinkles. (Probably because they do during Zoom meetings!) So when I was given the chance to try KORRES anti-aging skincare, I jumped at the chance to try the wild rose line.

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It's all Greek

A Greek pharmacist founded KORRES. Giorgos Korres decided to launch a skincare line in the 1990s, using his knowledge of natural ingredients and over 3,000 herbal remedies.

KORRES uses plants and flowers that have been grown in the beautiful Balkan country for thousands of years. KORRES' water purification process allows for formulas with minimal preservatives.

KORRES' Method

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Greek Ingredients

Every KORRES formula starts with ancient Greek homoeopathic remedies. It is free of parabens, microbeads, formaldehyde, mineral oil and phthalates, as well as synthetic colours and nitro musk.

Wild Rose Skincare

Anti-wrinkle White Pine

Olympus Tea: Cleanses skin of pollutants

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Pomegranate: Clears breakouts and minimises pores
Greek Yoghurt: Calms and soothes skin
Wild Rose: Evens out skin tone and refines.

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