Never Put These 15 Foods in Freezer

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Cucumbers, which contain a lot of water, freeze well, but the thawing procedure can be a pain. Once defrosted, cucumbers become limp and soggy.

1) Cucumber

Watermelon is like cucumbers in that it can technically be frozen, but the thawing process is a pain.

2) Watermelon

Spaghetti that has been frozen is a lot worse than pasta that has been overcooked and allowed to bloat with excess water.

3) Cooked Pasta

If you keep your coffee in the freezer, it will lose its flavor due to the constant freezing and thawing that occurs during the day.

4) Coffee

Two words: a soggy sludge. It will only get worse if you try to thaw the mushy fried parts after they've been frozen.

5) Fried Food

When the milk is thawed and frozen again, it will be quite lumpy. It's not the best place to drink.

6) Milk

When uncooked entire eggs are frozen, the gooey interior expands, resulting in a cracked and leaking freezer.

7) Whole Eggs

Do not even consider placing this creamy fruit (or is it a vegetable?) in the freezer, unless you want to say goodbye to its silky interior.

8) Avocado

To separate soft cheeses such as ricotta and cream cheese, just freeze and then thaw. The texture will be strangely altered as a result of this.

9) Cheese

When you freeze beer, you speed up the aging process, increasing the likelihood of opening a flat, cloudy brew later.

10) Beer

Make a pesto or compound butter out of basil sprigs if you can't go through them all in one sitting. When thawed, whole bunches of kale will become dark and mushy.

11) Fresh Herbs

Freezing the pepper has no effect on its quality, however blanching it first is necessary in order to defrost it correctly. If you don't, it won't be the same afterwards.

12) Green Peppers

It's more difficult than you'd expect to freeze marshmallows (hi @gelatin! ), but once you do, they harden like a rock.

13) Marshmallows

It's better to preserve this vinegary tomato condiment in the fridge or throw it in favor of a new container because it will separate into a half watery, half chunky mess.

14) Ketchup

Explosions! So numerous blasts!

15) Soda

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