Neal Adams, the creator of Batman and a champion of artists' rights, died at 80.

Legendary comic book artist Neal Adams died early yesterday morning, according to his daughter-in-law Saori Adams. His age.

Adams and writer Dennis O'Neil rescued Batman from his campy TV persona in 1969 with a series of dark comics that suited the times.

During this time, they also resurrected Two-Face and created Ra's al Ghul.

That character trio would later be vital to Christopher Nolan's multi-billion dollar Warner Bros. film trilogy.

Adams and O'Neil also reimagined Green Lantern and Green Arrow for DC, addressing racism, overpopulation, pollution, and drug addiction in their stories.

In fact, they created one of DC's first Black superheroes, John Stewart's Green Lantern.

I grew up in a time when racism was more subtle than during slavery, Adams told The American Prospect in 2011.

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