Mike Myers' Pentaverate Returns With Caution

The humble poop joke has a long shelf life. It is as constant as death and sex. Race and gender jokes come and go.

Marriage, politics, and pop culture jokes come and go like waves. A poop joke is still a human body. (Or two?)

This certainty isn't the only pillar of Mike Myers' new Netflix series The Pentaverate. Twenty years ago, Myers' career was booming thanks to his SNL characters, Austin Powers movies, and Shrek voice.

His raucous offensiveness, kaleidoscopic range of characters and physical transformations, and obsession with the gap between surface appearances and what was underneath made Myers and his personae appealing comedic enigmas

He followed me. Is this his act? His art? Can both be true? Then he vanished around 2010. Aside from creating a character for the revival of The Gong Show, he appeared to be taking a well-deserved rest.

A new Mike Myers work is an intriguing question, bordering on concerning. Renewed interest in an old favourite is doomed to fail. Despite this, The Pentaverate avoids disaster for the most part.

The Pentaverate's idea isn't entirely new. There are five of the world's richest people who are members of a supersecret society, according to a couple of lines from Myers' 1993 film So I Married an Axe Murderer, and the concept hasn't changed

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