Messi's camp, Inter Miami deny agreement to play for, own club

Messi's camp and Inter Miami have denied a report suggesting a future pairing of the two sides is a done deal.

DirecTV Sports correspondent lex Candal said Messi would join Inter Miami after his PSG contract expires in 2023 and acquire a 35% stake in the club.

Le Parisien later called the comments "completely false," and Miami sources denied any arrangement to the Miami Herald.

It's not the first time the two have been linked amid rumours of a bizarre arrangement.

Inter owner Jorge Mas told the Herald in June2021, "[Club president] David [Beckham] and I have been working really hard. We want to bring the best players here, and Leo Messi is arguably the best player of all time."

“I am optimistic Messi will play for Inter Miami because it will complete the legacy of our generation's greatest player and meet the owners' ambitions to build a world class team.

The news came amid rumours of a 10-year deal with Barcelona in which Messi would play two more seasons with the club, then return to Barcelona to work in an undefined position in the front office or as a club ambassador.

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