Lemon water's major bladder effect

Many people looking to lose weight and improve their health drink lemon water every morning.

Bravo! No complaints! It's vitamin C-rich and hopefully seedless. How does lemon water affect your body and bladder?

This magical elixir, promoted by internet influencers, won't help your weight, complexion, urinary tract, or digestion.

She says myths. It cleans the fridge and removes garlic odours from the disposal.

Health benefits, though. Christensen says lemon water's benefits come from drinking water, not the lemon

"Drinking enough water helps our bodies function properly, which can affect bladder health."

Water helps urinate, among other bodily functions. High water intake dilutes urine concentration and acidity and removes excess salt, reducing kidney stone risk by 60%, according to a 2015 meta-analysis in Medicine

Drinking enough water to produce 2.5L of urine reduced the risk of kidney stones. (Can't drink a half-gallon of water? Try water. These water-rich foods will hydrate you!)

This meta-analysis found no link between lemon juice or acidic juice and kidney stone risk.


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