Lemon water has science-backed benefits

Why drink lemon water? You may have heard it's healthy, but you're sceptical. Or maybe you drink lemon water and wonder if it's healthy.

Some of the benefits of drinking lemon water aren't backed by science, but others are, says Portland-based naturopathic doctor Laura Neville, N.D.

Neville says lemon water's hydrating and blood-sugar-balancing pectin can prevent hunger spikes. Mix 1 cup of warm water with 1/2 lemon juice and lemon zest if you're still hungry after a meal (feel free to add a drizzle of honey).

1. Stabilises appetite

Vitamins give lemons energy. Their vitamin C increases iron absorption, which reduces fatigue. Neville says lemons' B vitamins boost energy. Try blending one sliced lemon (including the peel); freeze in an ice cube tray. Mix into water or a smoothie with iron-rich kale.

2. It's energising

One ounce of lemon juice provides 13% of your daily vitamin C, according to Prest. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cell damage that can lead to cancer and heart disease.

3. Cell protection

Vitamin C in lemon water may help clear skin. Prest says Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can reduce fine lines and improve skin.

4. Clears skin

Lemon water helps digestion and reduces bloating. Staying hydrated with lemon water "can help with bowel motility and regularity"

5. Reduces bloating

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