Hong Kong's Jumbo Floating Restaurant mystery deepens

The owner of Hong Kong's Jumbo Floating Restaurant caused debate Friday over whether it sank while being carried away last week.

Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises said the ship sank Sunday near the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea after "encountering severe weather" & taking on water.

"Over 1,000 metres of water makes salvaging impossible," it stated. Hong Kong's Marine Department learned of the event from media reports & sought a report from the corporation Thursday night. 

The department stated Thursday's report said the restaurant capsized but that "both Jumbo & the tugboat are still in the waters around Xisha islands". 

A restaurant spokeswoman later told an AFP journalist that the company always used "capsized" instead of "sank."

While asked if the boat sank, he stated the statement said "capsized" ^& didn't explain why it mentioned sea depth when considering salvage. 

The South China Morning Post described a similar exchange with a company spokeswoman, who argued the boat "capsized," not "sank," but failed to confirm if it was still afloat.

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