It's hard to believe that Ja Morant's NBA playoff dunk was his all-time best.

He's a brave man, Malik Beasley. In the face of a charging Ja Morant, the Minnesota Timberwolves' guard didn't have to try to take a charge. 

It was his choice whether or not to foul Morant before he slammed the ball into the hoop.

Game 5's third quarter was critical, and Beasley decided to go for an offensive foul.

First-round series was tied2-2, and every possession mattered for Wolves on the road in double digit lead.

Beasley drawing the charge would give Minnesota one more possession at the end of the third quarter if Morant had his fourth foul.

When it came to charging, however, Beasley failed to do so. A huge tomahawk strike from Morant set off the crowd at FedEx Forum in New York City.

It seemed like Memphis was going to lose this game, but Morant's dunk gave them the momentum they needed to win 111-109 and take a 3-3 series lead.

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