Is there a winner of the $434 million Powerball jackpot?

There was no winner of the $434 million top prize in Monday's Powerball drawing, so the pot continues to grow.

With a cash option of $271.9 million, the drawing on April 27 will be worth $454 million.

It is 12-18-20-39-61 in the Powerball drawing of April 25th (white).

Ten is the Power Number for the Red Powerball.

The Number 2 Power Play

14-23-29-38-43 are the Double Plays.

Number 20 for a Double Play Powerball Play.
April 25 Powerball winners:

Despite the lack of a grand prize winner, two players each won $1 million by matching all five white numbers drawn. Customers in North Carolina and Texas purchased those tickets.

The player from North Carolina also used the Power Play feature, resulting in a $2 million payday for them.

In Michigan, 14 of the sold-out tickets won $200 in the drawing that followed the drawing. That was the state's largest prize ever won.

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