How to keep flies out of the house

Many of the methods used to get rid of fruit flies can be used to prevent house flies from breeding. How to prevent fly infestations.

First, make sure your yard isn't attracting flies. Certified entomologist: 'Make sure garbage can lids are secure and tight'

1. Secure garbage cans

House flies breed in decaying organic matter, so check garbage cans and composting areas. Mike says that compost bins should be as far from the house as possible.

2. Keep compost outside the house

If you have animals, clean up their poop to avoid attracting flies. Flies lay eggs in faeces, so removing breeding sites quickly is crucial.

3. Deal with pet poop

Check fly entry points to keep flies out. Mike Duncan recommends that homeowners examine their home's screens. Aluminum, plastic, or fibreglass screens are more durable.

4. Secure the house

Indoor fly control is simple.
Make sure the trash can has a secure lid and never overflows. Rinse often.

5. Adopt precautions inside your house

Natasha Wright says sanitation prevents fly infestations. Preventing feeding and breeding areas is the goal.

6. Deter and control house flies

Fly control may require professional help. There may be stages. Natasha Wright says that sprays and fogs may not be effective on their own.

7. Call in the pros

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