How to Keep Cooler Ice From Melting

You're ready to relax with an ice-cold beverage after grilling, but the cooler is full of warm water and warm drinks.

It's a common disappointment that doesn't have to be. One simple trick can keep your cooler's ice from melting too quickly, preventing warm slush.

Coolers, formerly called ice boxes, are simple to understand. Wired explains that a cooler's foam or plastic insulation slows warm air circulation.

Pre-chilling coolers or adding cold foods can work without ice. Adding ice to a cooler keeps items cool longer.

Not all coolers are created equal, but the principles are the same. Food & Wine suggests a hard-sided cooler for longer outdoor adventures and a soft-sided cooler for shorter ones. After finding the right cooler, the next challenge is keeping things cold.

To keep your cooler cold, keep the heat out. This can be difficult at park picnics or backyard barbecues when people are constantly reaching for drinks, but it's not impossible.

Aluminum foil is helpful

Real Simple says lining your cooler with aluminium foil keeps it coldest. This reflects sunlight (and heat) to slow ice melting. Line your cooler's sides and top to reflect additional rays.

Aluminum foil is helpful

A good base is important, but there are other ways to keep your cooler cold. Larger ice blocks slow melting because they expose less surface area to hot air. The Kitchn suggests partially burying your cooler to keep it out of the sun.

Aluminum foil is helpful

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