Foods high in protein that will help your muscles get the energy they need.

There are many ways to stay active this time of year, including getting your steps in, upping your cardio workouts, or continuing to do strength training. This is especially important in the face of a global pandemic.

Make sure you're fueling your muscles with these 20 protein-rich foods, because they're just as important.

For this reason, nearly every grocery store in the United States carries a variety of almond-based products, including almond butter, flour, and 64 varieties of almond milk:


Although the relative healthiness of beef can vary, the fattier forms like ribeyes contain 30 grammes of protein for every 450 calories, while the leanest cuts (sirloin tip side steak) offer the same amount of protein at just 150 calories per serving..


Even if you're just looking to add some extra protein to your diet, you may want to avoid the creamier varieties of cheese. There are higher levels of protein in hard cheeses such as parmesan and Gruyère than in soft cheeses like ricotta and goat cheese


Chicken is an excellent source of protein. Every ounce of chicken contains 8 grammes of protein, so a 3-ounce serving packs 24 grammes, which is about half the recommended daily intake for the average person! 


All of us can agree that chickpeas or garbanzo beans are an excellent source of protein, no matter what you call them! Whether you use them in salads, hummus, or as a healthy snack, the three grammes of plant protein in an ounce of chickpeas makes them a great addition to your diet.



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