How To Deep Clean Your Home Quickly

Most of us have to clean our homes, not want to. It's tedious, backbreaking, disgusting, and just plain boring. Still, we should all do it frequently.

We won't always sweep under the bed, mop the floorboards, or clean out the fridge of leftovers.

So, cleaning requires a different approach. Goodbye light sweeping, hello deep cleaning.

 Don't worry, we have all the information you need to make your house look brand new (livable).

Make a checklist before you start your cleaning marathon. This will help you organise the project and set goals.

Cleaning Advice
Keep your home in tip-top shape without putting in a lot of extra effort. Here are a few suggestions for a happier and cleaner life

Weekly sheet and pillowcase cleaning
Weekly microwave cleaning
Weekly bathroom cleaning
Clean your fridge monthly (throw out food after a week)
Clean your counters daily.

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