Summer Sunscreen Safety Is Criticized

In many parts of the country, summer has already begun. Sunscreen is vital year-round, but it's especially important in the summer.

According to the EPA, this is when the sun's rays are strongest, & we spend more time outside.

Some sunscreens may be dangerous, according to recent reports. Sources say sunscreen chemicals might cause hormonal issues, skin sensitivity, & cancer.

Healthy @Reader's Digest investigated sunscreens & health.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) provide annual guide reviewing the safety & efficacy of sunscreen cream sold in the U.S. to help the public understand whether product include harmful component.

The EWG is a non-profit, non-partisan group created in 1993 to reform industry standards to preserve Americans' environmental health.

She also highlighted that many U.S. sunscreens are not proven safe or effective. Only one-quarter of the 1,850 items Burns studied passed EWG guidelines for effectiveness & substances of concern.

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